Lara Worthington. Lara Worthington (née Bingle) stepped out in style for an event celebrating Chanel in Sydney on

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[ Lara Worthington shows off her toned abs in a midriff top ]

Lara Worthington (n’e Bingle) stepped out in style for an event celebrating Chanel in Sydney on Wednesday night.

The model and influencer looked sexy yet elegant in a low-cut midriff top and a pair of flared, high-waisted trousers.

The 33-year-old’s toned abs were on display thanks to the revealing top, which left little to the imagination.

She styled her short blonde hair in a chic bob and accessorised with various items of jewellery, including earrings and rings.

* * *

Since marrying Sam Worthington, who is best known for his role in Avatar, she has mostly stayed out of the headlines and adopted a more conservative style of dress.

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Aussie model Lara Worthington has returned home from the US to some major news, celebrating her move with a series of ‘beautiful’ bikini photos.

Lara Worthington’s stunning Seafolly photo shoot after being announced as the global ambassador for the iconic brand. Picture: SeafollySource:Supplied

* * *

It comes after the Aussie model and media personality recently moved home from the US, with her actor husband Sam Worthington.

The 33-year-old was announced as the global ambassador for the iconic brand over the weekend and took to Instagram on Monday to celebrate the news with a series of ‘stunning’ bikini snaps and behind-the-scenes footage of the latest autumn collection.

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I lost 70 pounds in 2 years. Here are 8 things that helped me reach that goal and improve my mental health.

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* * *

There’s nothing wrong with gaining weight, but I’d totally lost the concept of moderation. Instead, I entered a toxic relationship with food because it became a source of comfort to me.

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Joan smalls

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