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[ Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT partners with STAT on a new health journalism fellowship ]

The following is an adaptation of a joint announcement from the Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT, STAT, and the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative.

The Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT and STAT, the award-winning Boston-based health, science, and medicine publication, have teamed up to launch the Sharon Begley-STAT Science Reporting Fellowship.

The nine-month fellowship is intended for early-career journalists from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in the profession and will prepare them for a successful career in science journalism. It will combine a paid reporting apprenticeship at STAT with an educational component provided through MIT’s prestigious Knight Science Journalism (KSJ) Program. The fellowship is now accepting applications for the inaugural Begley Fellow to start in September 2021, with plans to select two additional fellows in 2022.

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Aiming to diversify science journalism, STAT creates fellowship named for reporter Sharon Begley

Those selected for the Sharon Begley-STAT Science Reporting Fellowship will work as reporters out of STAT’s Boston headquarters, and will receive additional training through the KSJ program. The fellowship is designed for people who are in the first five years of their career and who are from racial and ethnic communities underrepresented in the field.

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative ‘ whose science arm has the mission of curing, preventing, or managing all disease by the end of the century ‘ has provided $225,000 for the program’s first two years, and STAT is seeking additional funding to sustain the program.

Publisher: STAT
Date: 2021-06-01T08:30:23+00:00
Twitter: @statnews
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New Sharon Begley-STAT Science Reporting Fellowship Aims to Increase Racial and Ethnic Diversity Among Next Generation of Science Journalists

Science journalism reflects the structural and systemic inequities in our society, with Black, Hispanic/Latinx, and Indigenous reporters often not getting the opportunities white reporters get to gain relevant experience. Roughly 80% of science journalists are white, according to the most recent membership data from two of the leading professional organizations, with 6% identifying as Asian or Pacific Islander, 1%-4% as Black, 3%-4% as Hispanic or Latinx, and 1% as Native American.

“The best way to make our profession and workplaces more diverse and inclusive is for news organizations to grow their own talent ‘ and that’s exactly what Sharon aimed to do,” Gideon Gil, a STAT managing editor, said in explaining why STAT decided to create the fellowship. “Sharon relished mentoring younger science journalists, and her professional progeny work at news organizations across the U.S. So we could think of no more fitting way to honor her.”

Author: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Twitter: @69News
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Covid Is Causing Health Care Workers To Quit

Separately, a shortage in nurses in Louisiana has prompted one university to offer a tuition-free nursing program. Other reports cover providers’ primary care challenges, fewer routine pediatric cases, poor pay for home care workers and more.

CNBC: Covid Is Driving An Exodus Among Health-Care Workers For Audra Williams, intensive care unit (ICU) nursing was her ‘passion.’ And for almost eight years, it was her career, leading her to work across four U.S. states including, most recently, New York. But when the coronavirus pandemic broke out last year, and when New York City turned into the virus’ global epicenter at one point, she was faced with a difficult decision: Should she leave behind the job she loves for the sake of her own health? (Gilchrist, 5/30)

Publisher: Kaiser Health News
Date: 2021-06-01T12:35:14+00:00
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New Mortgage Relief Program For Georgia Homeowners

What are your Memorial Day plans for this weekend in Athens? Will you be attending a memorial ceremony or spending your time outside? Create your own post with a picture if you feel comfortable!

About Athens Area Humane Society: AAHS rescues and protect companion animals by providing for their wellbeing, uniting them with loving homes, and advocating for a compassionate society. For more information or to donate to Safer Together, visit

Contact: Cheryl M. McCormick, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer Athens Area Humane Society (706) 452-1299 [email protected]

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‘We Cannot Leave Science to the Experts’

Ever wonder what it would be like to peer inside Einstein’s mind? Or what animals are really trying to tell us? What it would be like to fall into a black hole?

Paula Apsell ’69 has spent many years pondering these mysteries and countless others as senior executive producer of the PBS series ‘Nova,’ the gold standard of science journalism on television and online.

Hired by ‘Nova’ founder Michael Ambrosino in 1975, two years after the series debuted (and a chorus of critics predicted its quick demise), Apsell took over as executive producer in 1985. Today, ‘Nova,’ produced at flagship station WGBH, is seen by more than 40 million viewers in the U.S. annually and is shown in more than 100 other countries. The winner of more than 25 Emmy awards,’Nova’ is the most-watched, most-respected science series on American television.

Publisher: Brandeis Magazine
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