Jennifer Garner Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction After Picking Up Kids From Swimming Class

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The actress was photographed in her white sleeveless blouse and jeans. Jennifer Garner Nearly Suffers Embarrassing Wardrobe ... jennifer - garner -nearly- suffers -embarrassing- wardrobe ... Jennifer Garner Nearly Suffers Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction at Church Getty Actress Jennifer Garner almost faced a fashion mishap during a recent church outing. In the snap, the ‘Peppermint’ star is also holding a can of soda in her hand. Garner’s hair doesn’t look very neat, and the actress also looks at stress.

In fact, Ben Affleck’s ex-wife may have been rushing to pick her kids from their swimming classes that’s why she didn’t bother to change her wet jeans. Jennifer Garner Suffers Revealing Wardrobe Malfunction at ... jennifer - garner - suffers -revealing- wardrobe ... Jennifer Garner is the subject of a lot of tabloid fare, but there was one salacious moment that she recently owned up to herself. The Camping actress dished on a recent wardrobe malfunction she suffered in one of the most embarrassing locations imaginable: her church. Also in the photo are Violet and Samuel, who are standing on opposite ends of the snap.

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Jennifer Garner sports wet patches on her trousers after picking up Violet and Samuel from the pool

She has proven over and over that she and ex-husband Ben Affleck can blissfully co-parent their three children.’

And Jennifer Garner was a doting mum as she picked up her daughter Violet, 13, and Samuel, seven, to their swimming lessons in Brentwood, California, on Monday.’

The actress, 47, was so focused on her kids she hadn’t noticed that she had suffered a wardrobe malfunction, as her trousers were damp’as they left the pool.’

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