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[ It’s Not Business As Usual, But NASA Keeps Flying During Coronavirus Pandemic ]

Like every other business or government agency, NASA is operating very differently right now because of the coronavirus pandemic. Videos for It's Not Business As Usual But Nasa Keeps 1:21The Chilton Team - Its business, but not business as usual....Facebook But the space agency does have ongoing missions, including a scheduled launch next month that will send astronaut Chris Cassidy and two Russian cosmonauts to the International Space Station.

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Johnson Space Center in Houston is operating at stage 3 of NASA’s four-stage pandemic response plan. And like NASA, private space companies have been deemed “essential,” and are continuing their work.’

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This may worth something:

Far from business as usual as companies adjust during outbreak

A sign announcing the suspension of all Broadway shows is posted on a door at the Minskoff Theatre, where ‘The Lion King’ had been playing last week in New York.

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Apple said its annual developers conference would take place entirely online this year, joining a growing list of companies that are canceling big, in-person events as the coronavirus spreads.

Thousands of engineers and customers attend the Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, which is in its 31st year.

Apple said it would give $1 million to organizations in San Jose, California, to help with the money they would lose from Apple canceling the in-person event. 2:26Business as usual for Wake County schools, but coronavirus contingency plan is in the worksYouTube The event had been held in San Jose for the past few years.

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Virus seizes markets and business as usual hits a wall

Global markets and businesses big and small opened the week to a landscape seemingly altered by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s Not Business As Usual, But NASA Keeps Flying During ... Us It’s Not Business As Usual, But NASA Keeps Flying During Coronavirus Pandemic Three crew members will fly to the International Space Station in April, and Johnson Space Center operations have been reduced under NASA’s pandemic response plan. Share this story with a friend: National retail chains have closed all stores. It's Not Business As Usual, But NASA Keeps Flying During ... Texas Standard : Like every other business or government agency, NASA is operating very differently right now because of the coronavirus pandemic. But It's Not Business As Usual, But NASA Keeps Flying During Coronavirus Pandemic | KUT Banks are taking steps to keep cash on hand, lots of it. Markets in Asia, Europe and the U.S. are plunging. NASA’s Orion spacecraft completes testing ahead of Artemis ... s-orion-spacecraft-completes-testing-ahead-of...Obviously, it’s not business as usual at NASA amid the ongoing coronavirus situation (it isn’t business as usual anywhere), but NASA still managed to finish up the testing it needed to do at ... Following is a quick look at how the outbreak is impacting the financial and business sector, as well as millions of workers and customers.

FINANCE: The biggest banks in the U.S. moved in unison to conserve cash through the first half of the year. The Financial Services Forum, which represents Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, State Street, and Wells Fargo, said members would suspend stock buybacks for first quarter and the second quarter due to the virus outbreak. In a prepared statement, the group said the decision ‘is consistent with our collective objective to use our significant capital and liquidity to provide maximum support to individuals, small businesses, and the broader economy through lending and other important services.’ The financial sector is among the hardest hit Monday. Shares of Citigroup, Bank of America and JPMorgan plunged as billions in bank valuation evaporated. Citigroup, down 18%, led the way.

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11 things Costco employees wish shoppers knew about working during a global pandemic

Business Insider spoke to five Costco employees on the East Coast and in Texas, Illinois, Idaho, and Utah, who shared 11 things they wish shoppers knew about working during a global pandemic.

From tips on shopping more effectively to what it’s like behind the scenes, here’s what they had to say:

“Our staff top to bottom are working our tails off right now,” an employee in a Texas store told Business Insider. “Yes, there are long lines, yes we are out of items you want. We understand your frustrations but we as individuals are just a small piece in a very big puzzle and we are trying to deliver the best service we can.”‘

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Grocers Fail to Keep Up With Demand as Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads

U.S. grocers are adjusting their operations to try to keep up with customers who are emptying their shelves amid angst over the new coronavirus, even as their own employees face heightened risk of infection.

Across the country, lines to get into stores snaked around corners, checkout times stretched as long as an hour and whole aisles were rendered bare this week as companies told more workers to stay home and schools began to cancel classes.

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Des Moines airport: It’s business as usual during coronavirus outbreak

Attention, spring break travelers: Des Moines International Airport says it’s business as usual during the outbreak of COVID-19, also known as coronavirus.

While there are no restrictions’at the airport, officials are’taking extra measures to clean and sanitize the building. They are increasing use of disinfectant on what they call “high-touch” areas, like handrails, escalators, elevator buttons and restroom doors; providing additional hand sanitizer throughout the airport; and posting educational signs about personal hygiene in the restrooms.’

“The Des Moines International Airport is in full operation. Airport leaders continue to monitor developments associated with the coronavirus and will take action, as needed,” says a travel update posted on the airport’s website.

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Coronavirus updates: The latest COVID

More NASA centers have moved to Stage 4, the highest level of response to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the agency’s coronavirus response website, half of its 18 facilities ‘ which include field centers as well as NASA Headquarters and facilities run by field centers ‘ are now at Stage 4, which requires all personnel to telework with the exception of those needed for safety and security of the sites. Among the latest centers to go to Stage 4 are the Armstrong Flight Research Center in California, Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland and Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Some centers have gone to Stage 4 after personnel were diagnosed with COVID-19, while others have done so because of growing spread of the disease in their communities or shelter-in-place directives from local or state governments. In a March 23 statement to center staff, David McBride, director of Armstrong, said the center would also allow personnel to go on site for ‘limited’ oversight of the X-59 experimental aircraft program and Mars 2020 launch support.

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