It looks so science fiction: Actress Michelle Yeoh says friends were blown away by sights of S’pore in Crazy Rich Asians …

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It looks so science fiction: Actress Michelle Yeoh says friends were blown away by sights of S’pore in Crazy Rich Asians ‘‘The Straits Times

SINGAPORE – Some of Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh’s foreign friends were so blown away by the sights of Singapore in the film Crazy Rich Asians that they thought the locales were not real.

Referring to Marina Bay Sands, the 56-year-old star said: “Someone said, ‘Oh, wasn’t that hotel a CG (computer-generated) hotel?’

Moving on.

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Science fiction may seem resolutely modern, but the genre could actually be considered hundreds of years old. There are the alien green “children of Woolpit”, who appeared in 12th-century Suffolk and were reported to have spoken a language no one could understand. There’s also the story of Eilmer the 11th-century monk, who constructed a pair of wings and flew from the top of Malmesbury Abbey. And there’s the Voynich Manuscript, a 15th-century book written in an unknowable script, full of illustrations of otherworldly plants and surreal landscapes. These are just some of the science fictions to be discovered within the literatures and cultures of the Middle Ages

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The best corner of the internet is the celebrity before and after analysis on The Skincare Edit, where readers are talked through photos of a star from a late teens’ Disney red carpet appearance to her most recent Golden Globes sashay.

Over the years, the hawk-eye Michelle Villett has pointed out trend-driven lips, career investment noses, cheekbones sculpted from filler and the onset of age paralysis. By journey’s end, every woman looks like she can play 27 to 42 indefinitely.’

It’s fascinating, depressing, and makes me feel less like a crone at the declining fertility age of 29. I will never look like Jennifer Lawrence. Neither will you. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t look like Jennifer Lawrence.

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Welcome to Cheat Sheet, our brief breakdown-style reviews of festival films, VR previews, and other special event releases. This review comes from the Toronto International Film Festival.

One of the upsides of our wired world is that it’s easy to get information. Anyone with a smartphone who wants to know how to gap a spark plug, make 12 different kinds of quiche, avoid traffic on the way to a destination, or charge up a phone can readily find that information in seconds. But there are complementary downsides: personal information about us is similarly easy to find and exploit, and it can be hard to avoid accessing an endless wave of demoralizing news that in aggregate, makes the world look and feel worse than it is.

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