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Audiences are still caught (up) in Spider-Man’s web, as ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ ‘ starring Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zendaya and Marisa Tomei ‘ opened Fourth of July week with $195 million in its first 10 days in North American theaters; it’s global tally so far in the same time period is $588 million.

Ahead of the superhero debut, at least three noteworthy ‘Spider-Man’ stories were posted, two, courtesy of the Washington Post and Variety, ranking the eight ‘Spider-Man’ films from worst to best, and another, by Men’s Health, ranking the leading men who have donned the skin-tight red-and-blue costume.

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This may worth something:

Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man ever in ‘Far From Home,’ Marvel’s latest thrill ride

Two reboots in less than two decades. Three actors. Seven standalone films and 10 film appearances in total ‘ and that doesn’t include the animated Academy Award-winning ‘Into The Spider-Verse’ animated companion.

That’s a lot of web-slinging, even for a self-professed Marvel Comics nerd like myself. But the latest installment in the franchise, ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home,’ which swings into theaters on July 2, is the most unique and ambitious film yet, and affirms that Tom Holland is unquestionably the best Spider-Man to fling himself across the silver screen.

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Tom Holland’s Reaction To That Incredible Spider-Man: Far From Home Mid

The following contains a major spoiler for Spider-Man: Far From Home**. You absolutely want to see the mid-credits scene before you read this.**

Spider-Man: Far From Home is kicking ass at the box office having already amassed over a half billion dollars worldwide. It has ended Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big way, but all most people are talking about in regards to the movie is how it ends. The mid-credits scene is one of the biggest stingers in MCU history.

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Spider-Man Fans Can’t Unsee Tom Holland as Peter Parker From Amazing Fantasy 15

There’s little debate anymore about whether or not Tom Holland was the right pick to play Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; in the opinion of many fans, he is *the* best Spider-Man of all time. Still though, some Marvel fans feel as though Tobey Maguire was a better embodiment of the classic Jack Kirby / Steve Ditko version of nerdy Peter Parker – that is, until now.

Tom Holland has been has been making headlines for his choice of fashion for the Spider-Man: Far From Home press tour that’s currently taking place, and one outfit has made fans see Holland in a whole new “Classic Peter Parker” light that they simply can’t unsee! Take a look for yourself:

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