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Is This Proof Of Alien Testing At Area 51 Frenzy As Ufo Spotted Near Secret Facility

Greetings Earthlings: Those crazy UFOs again! The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . Hey, buddy, why are all the planets not aligning?

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Mysterious white ‘flying saucer’ filmed hovering over Area 51 near giant new aircraft hangar
(Jun 2019) Purchased by the US government in 1955, evidence suggests the site is used as a testing . aliens from across the galaxy. The crash of a weather balloon at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 sparked wild

Dell Alienware Area-51m review: A gaming laptop or portable desktop?
(Jun 2019) The Alienware Area-51m delivers performance numbers that other gaming laptops would have to really work hard to get there. In CPU tests, the Intel Core i9-9900K received a multi-core score of 1,883 in

Is the US government hiding UFOs in a Las Vegas hangar?
(months ago)   The Times

When Nick Rufford investigates a high-security compound funded by the Department of Defence, they go into lockdown. Does extraterrestrial salvage lie beyond .

At the Root of the Cuban Embassy Mystery? Bad Science Journalism
(months ago)   Undark Magazine

OPINION | Coverage of the mysterious illness affecting the U.S. Embassy in Havana has failed to adhere to fundamental tenets of fact-based reporting.

The truth is out where? – KNPR
(years back) The truth is out where?  KNPR

I needed to know: Are aliens real? So I took a ride around the perimeter of Area 51. On my bike It was late winter, a morbid time in my home in Alaska, when no .

Seeing, Naming, Knowing – Brooklyn Rail
(some months now) Seeing, Naming, Knowing  Brooklyn Rail

In Detroit, driving at night north up Woodward Avenue, a long, wide boulevard, one’s eye is caught by emerald green lights, perched on the topmost corners of .

The $100m question: are we alone in the universe?
(years back)   ABC Online

The new, $100 million search for alien signals is one of the most exciting scientific projects ever undertaken. After all, there can be no more important question to .

Your Complete Guide to October 2018 Events in Seattle
(months ago)   TheStranger.com

In Seattle, October means not only cooler weather and changing leaves, but also a robust arts season (don’t miss Peacock in the Desert), plenty of big concerts .

Sharks drawn to warm waters by Israeli coastal power plant
(since Jan, 2019)   News24

Hot water around an industrial plant in a coastal Israeli city draws schools of sharks, and also tourists.

Are We Alone? What Happened In Roswell?
(some months now)   The Versed

On July 4th, 1947 (American Independence day of all days) William Brazel a local farm worker discovered some debris on his farm. He thought very little of it, but .

Ooops, Did We Just Close An Airport Over A UFO Sighting?
(months ago)   Hackaday

Picture this: it’s late in the evening on a freezing cold, dark, and windy December night in southern England, and an airport worker at Gatwick — London’s .

The Age Of Hypersonic Weapons Has Begun
(since Jan, 2019)   Hackaday

With a highly publicized test firing and pledge by President Vladimir Putin that it will soon be deployed to frontline units, Russia’s Avangard hypersonic weapon .

System Unknown
I hear drums and engines

Aliens visited Earth seeking intelligent life. Returned home quite impressed by dogs.

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