Is Science Broken? Major New Report Outlines Problems in Research

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Their report, the collaborative work of more than a dozen experts from universities and the private research world, doesn’t go so far as to call it a crisis. But it does call for wide-scale improvements in how scientists do their work, and it also takes scientists’and journalists’to task for sometimes overhyping the latest research findings.

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For years now, some scientists have sounded a clarion call about the overall quality of published research. Common issues highlighted by these scientists have included fraudulent, poorly done, or overhyped studies, with embellished findings based on small sample sizes; statistical manipulation of a study’s results during or after the experiment is over to achieve a desired outcome; and studies with negative conclusions being suppressed by their authors or rejected by scientific journals, which can then skew the medical literature on a particular topic, such as a drug’s effectiveness.

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New study claims 43 states expose millions to dangerous chemical in drinking water

The study compiled information taken from Pentagon data and water utility reports. It shows an estimated 19 million people are exposed to contaminated water. Researchers found at least 610 contaminated locations ranging from public water systems and military bases to civilian airports, industrial plants, dumps and firefighter training sites.’

“The Environmental Protection Agency has utterly failed to address PFAS with the seriousness this crisis demands, leaving local communities and states to grapple with a complex problem rooted in the failure of the federal chemical regulatory system,” said Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group, which has studied these compounds for almost two decades. “EPA must move swiftly to set a truly health-protective legal limit for all PFAS chemicals, requiring utilities to clean up contaminated water supplies.”

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UN report outlines how to repair nature and avoid human misery

Revamping global food production, retooling the financial sector, moving beyond GDP as a measure of progress and other ‘transformative changes’ are needed to save nature and ourselves, a major UN biodiversity report is set to conclude.

Delegates from 130 nations wrapped up week-long negotiations in Paris on Saturday on the executive summary of a 1,800-page tome authored by 400 scientists, the first UN global assessment of the state of nature ‘ and its impact on humanity ‘ in 15 years.

Up to a million of Earth’s estimated eight million species face extinction, many of them within decades, according to a draft version obtained by AFP.

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Michigan has most PFAS contaminated sites in US: What you need to know

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Real Pain Relief, Now!

As a teenager, Michael Davis was a competitive soccer player, a runner, and ‘a bit of a daredevil.’

Years after the first signs, X-rays revealed the culprit to be earlier, undiagnosed fractures in Davis’ lower vertebrae. The initial injury had healed, but the damage left nerves still signaling pain, which spread and worsened.

Chronic pain is a common problem for Americans, touching all age groups and demographics. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last fall estimated that 1 in 5 adults’about 50 million Americans’reported hurting every day or almost every day in the previous six months. Nearly 20 million reported pain so severe it limited their ability to work, socialize, and even take care of themselves and their family.

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