‘Is Muidne ESA’: An Irish launch mission for the European Space Agency

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A new, Irish-language brochure about European Space Agency (Gn’omhaireacht Sp’is na hEorpa) activities is helping to make Ireland’s involvement with space more visible.

Is Muidne ESA (We Are ESA), is a translation of the colourful guide This Is ESA, and it covers ESA’s activities in space research, technology and exploration.

When the original This Is ESA guide came out in multiple languages last year, Dr Bryan Rodgers from Enterprise Ireland noticed Irish was not among them. ‘I thought this omission needed to be addressed, because Ireland is a founding member of the European Space Agency, and Irish is part of our culture,’ says Rodgers, who helps Irish companies engage in space technology developments with ESA.

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Date: 2021-04-08T01:00:00+0100
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While you’re here, how about this:

Portugal: Future of European space programme may be decided in Lisbon

The European Space Agency (ESA) plans to discuss with European Union (EU) member states in Portugal the guidelines on the way forward for the space programme, ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher announced on Wednesday.

The ESA will hold an inter-ministerial meeting which, said Josef Aschbacher today, ‘will probably take place in Portugal, at the end of this year, in Lisbon or another city, to prepare the Space Summit’, planned for 2022.

The ESA Director General argued ‘ during a virtual press conference from Paris, where he presented the outlines of the space agency’s Agenda 2025 ‘ that ‘Europe has to have a serious debate on where it wants to be in the next 15 years in terms of economics, value and impact in space’ and proposed that this discussion should take place ‘at a high level, ideally with the heads of state, to discuss what the ambitions are, the priorities for Europe in space’.

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ESA, CNSA heads discuss future space plans

HELSINKI ‘ The heads of the European Space Agency and China National Space Administration held a video call April 1 to outline respective plans for the coming years.

Zhang Kejian, administrator of the CNSA, and new ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher, who entered the post March 1, discussed a range of topics according to a short CNSA press release (Chinese).

The parties outlined upcoming activities, with China recently approving a 14th Five-year plan for 2021-2025, and discussed lunar and deep space exploration, Earth observation, and cooperation in ground station.

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