Ireland’s main science funder plans for budget boost

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Universities like Trinity College Dublin will benefit from a budget boost at Science Foundation Ireland.

The new strategy, published on 1 March and the first since 2012, plans for 15% annual rises that will boost the agency’s grant spending’the vast majority of the agency’s budget’from ‘200 million in 2020 to ‘376 million by 2025. Separately, the strategy allocates ’11 million in 2021 for early career researchers pursuing basic research.

The agency says the budget rises will help boost the nation’s overall public and private R&D spending from a meager 1.1% of gross domestic product, well below the European average of 2.2%, to a goal of 2.5% by 2025. ‘What we built into our strategy is an assumption that Ireland is going to get there,’ says Ciar’n Seoighe, deputy director general of SFI.

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