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Internally Nasa Believes Boeing Ahead Of Spacex In Commercial Crew

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NASA, SpaceX Partnership In Jeopardy As US Military Threatens Operations
(May 2019) The partnership between NASA . believe that the procedure isn’t being followed. Aside from SpaceX, Boeing was also awarded with a contract to support NASA with its space exploration via the agency’s

After video of SpaceX explosion leaked, NASA workers told they can be fired for sharing images
(since Apr, 2019) An internal memo sent out to workers at . puts into question the timeline for a program into which NASA has pumped $6.8 billion in taxpayer dollars through contracts with SpaceX and Boeing, the

NASA watching Elon Musk’s SpaceX closely as US military have power to SHUT DOWN launch
(May 2019) NASA awarded SpaceX and Boeing with the huge commercial contracts to support space exploration. SpaceX are hoping its first manned flight will go ahead this year despite . ultimate power to

Inside SpaceX: Elon Musk’s project to reshape the space age
(May 2019) A Cape Canaveral visit for journalists was organised ahead of a planned launch . is the transparency from him,” she says. Nasa has had to hold the line on one thing – drugs. It launched a cultural

SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft destroyed in test mishap, company confirms
(May 2019) He said the abort engines have been fired hundreds of times in other tests and that “we have no reason to believe there’s an issue . Against that backdrop, NASA and SpaceX are pressing ahead with

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