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A ‘lunar flare‘ example of TLP ‘ seen near the lunar terminator, or line between light and dark on the moon, on November 15, 1953, by Leon H. Stuart in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He caught the flash with an 8-inch telescope. Image via Leon H. Stuart.

Even though it’s so close and has been visited by both robotic spacecraft and human astronauts, the moon can still be a mysterious place. There is a lot we still don’t know about our nearby neighbor, including what causes unusual flashes of light and other light phenomena on its surface. These brief light displays ‘ also known as Transient Lunar Phenomena (TLP) ‘ have been seen for centuries, but they’re still not entirely explained. Recently, a professor in Germany announced his new study to try to figure out, at last, what is creating these intriguing lunar phenomena.

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What are those mysterious flashes on the moon? One astronomer wants to find out

Meteor impacts? Sparkling moon dust? The astronauts’ golf clubs? Whatever they are, random, weird flashes of light on the moon have puzzled astronomers for years.

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Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ rocket venture, will be launching a manned mission to the moon that would be the first commercial moon landing ever. USA TODAY

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Whatever they are, random, weird flashes of light on the moon have puzzled astronomers for years. One intrepid German astronomer’ decided it’s time to find out what they are.’

“These so-called ‘transient lunar phenomena”have been known since the 1950s, but they have not been sufficiently and systematically observed, long-term,” said’Hakan Kayal, a professor of space technology at the University of W’rzburg, in a statement.’

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What are the mysterious sparkly flashes on the Moon?

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Mystery as astronomers spot the Moon ‘flashing at us over and over’ ‘ and no one knows why

HUMANS have been noticing flashes of light coming from the Moon for thousands of years but we still don’t understand why this happens or what causes it.

The strange occurrence is know as a transient lunar phenomenon (TLP) and an astronomer from Germany thinks he’s on the cusp of solving this moon mystery.

Hakan Kayal from the University of W’rzburg in Bavaria is working on a project that might reveal what causes the quick shifts of light and darkness on the Moon.

He is using a brand new type of telescope system that is based in Spain and it’s already making progress, despite only being used since April.

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Flashes and other light phenomena on the Moon

Flashes of light are a common sight on the Moon, and scientists are ramping up efforts to work out how often they happen. Hopefully that will help them work out what causes the phenomena.

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German researcher Hakan’Kayal, who is developing a telescope-camera system to research the flashes, said meteor impacts should cause a brief glow.

Such flashes could also happen when electrically charged particles of the solar wind reacted with moon dust.

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