Researchers discover new nanoparticles with exclusively lateral light scattering

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An international team of physicists has produced first evidence of particles capable of scattering light in a lateral direction by suppressing forward and backward scattering. The researchers studied the physics behind this phenomenon and confirmed their theoretical results with an experiment in the microwave spectral range, proving that lattices or metasurfaces made of these materials can be completely invisible. These results can be used in a variety of applications including light routing, binary-coded holograms, and sensors. The study was published in Physical Review Letters. Studies on light scattering in all-dielectric photonics often refer to the so-called Kerker effect which occurs when an object scatters light only in forward direction. In contrast, the scattering of light in the backward direction is called the anti-Kerker effect. Utilizing these phenomena, scientists can achieve unusual ways of light control at the nanoscale.

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In case you are keeping track:

Researchers avoid ‘messy’ hormonal female mice. And that hurts women

An essay published in Thursday’s edition of the journal Science argues that the stereotypes that have plagued women since at least the 1800s ‘ that they are emotional creatures who are more prone to hormone-fueled mood swings than men ‘ have also affected decades of neuroscience research involving mice and other animals.

Until recently, most neuroscience labs have conducted their experiments on males only, said essay author Rebecca Shansky, a neuroscientist at Northeastern University in Boston. Scientists justified this exclusion by claiming that fluctuating hormone levels in females had the potential to make test results ‘messy.’

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