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How AI companies can avoid ethics washing
(Jul 2019) One of the essential phrases necessary to understand AI in 2019 has to be “ethics washing.” Put simply, ethics washing — also called “ethics theater” — is the practice of fabricating

How The Software Industry Must Marry Ethics With Artificial Intelligence
(Jul 2019) Intelligent, learning, autonomous machines are about to change the way we do business forever. But in a world where corporations or even executives may be liable in a civil or even criminal court for

AI’s next ethical challenge: how to treat animals
(Jul 2019) Not dealing with the relationship between robots and animals is a more urgent threat than a Terminator coming for us, say animal advocates. The aerial video of a bear and her cub struggling to climb a

Advice for technologists on promoting AI ethics
(Jul 2019) Ethics looms as a vexing issue when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI). Where does AI bias spring from, especially when it’s unintentional? Are companies paying enough attention to it as they

Asia’s AI agenda: The ethics of AI
(Jul 2019) Produced in association with ADP (Founding sponsor), IMDA (Gold sponsor), Genesys, Splunk, Asia School of Business (Silver sponsors) Globally, future outlooks for artificial intelligence (AI) swing

Ethical Artificial Intelligence Becomes A Supreme Competitive Advantage
(Jul 2019) Ethical AI ensures more socially conscious approaches to customer and employee interactions, and in the long run, may be the ultimate competitive differentiatior as well, a recent survey suggests.

How consumers view the transparency of their AI-enabled interactions
(Jul 2019) The ethical use of AI is becoming fundamental to winning people’s trust, a new study from the Capgemini Research Institute has found. As organizations progress to harness the benefits of AI, consumers

Building the case for actionable ethics in digital health research supported by artificial intelligence
(Jul 2019) The digital revolution is disrupting the ways in which health research is conducted, and subsequently, changing healthcare. Direct-to-consumer wellness products and mobile apps, pervasive sensor

Watch Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott explain the meaning of democratizing AI
(Jul 2019) He touched on how machine learning is much easier to do now, where machine learning is heading, AI ethics, and of course Microsoft’s role in it all. But the most interesting part was arguably

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