Ever since the Navy confirmed the authenticity of leaked cockpit videos showing unexplained

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[ In the Mood for UFOs? – The Wall Street Journal ]

UFOs’unidentified flying objects’exist. Ever since the Navy confirmed the authenticity of leaked cockpit videos showing unexplained encounters with speedy flying thingamajigs, the conversation has changed. Retired Sen. Harry Reid has taken a victory lap for funding, since 2007, a secret Pentagon research office devoted to UFO-related questions. In the leaked videos from 2004 and 2015, Navy pilots observe objects in the atmosphere maneuvering with otherworldly agility. Sen. Marco Rubio and others fret about such technologies being in the hands of Russia or China.

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This may worth something:

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Deteriorates in July As Covid

Consumer sentiment in the U.S. decayed in July as the resurge in Covid-19 infections hurt consumers’ mood, according to a University of Michigan survey released Friday.

The final reading of the index of consumer sentiment stood at 72.5 in July, lower than the flash estimate of 73.2 early in the month and down from June’s 78.1. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal had expected the indicator to be at 72.7.

The deterioration in consumer confidence breaks a two-month consecutive gain for the index, which plummeted in April amid across-country lockdowns to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

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Louisville artist Thomas English paints a racial justice mural that depicts Breonna Taylor

What started with a painting of former NFL player Colin Kaepernick taking a knee has morphed into something much larger.

Louisville mural artist Thomas English, 63, has been working for weeks on an eclectic mural on West Broadway near 35th Street. The mural covers both sides of an underpass beneath Interstate 264 and is a plea for racial justice, with a wide variety of subjects depicted.

‘People come by and say, ‘This person should be on the wall,’ and I tell them to write it on the van,’ English said.

* * *

Standing side by side on the south wall are Malcolm X, U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney and a large sea creature. Also featured are Moses, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus Christ and a space alien.

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5 Takeaways From Beyonce’s Elaborate New Visual Album ‘Black Is King’

Black Is King was produced over the course of a year across three continents, and with a small army of collaborators at Beyonc’s disposal’ high-profile African and American musicians, top fashion designers and video directors, and members of her immediate family, including a prominent supporting role from her daughter Blue Ivy. Here are five of our immediate takeaways from the visual album.

* * *

The last portion of Black Is King goes in somewhat of its own direction, replacing the Simba storyline and the Gift interludes with portions of interviews with Black Americans and Africans. Much like in Lemonade, the audio snippets focus on the specific pressures faced by Black men and women as they grow up, and how ‘being a king’ can be achieved through community engagement.

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