In NASA SLS Florida Artemis. The behemoth’s core stage arrived at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center via barge last Tuesday evening

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[ In photos: NASA’s SLS megarocket core stage arrives in Florida for 1st Artemis moon mission ]

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. ‘ NASA’s next megarocket for the moon, the Space Launch System (SLS) has arrived in Florida. The behemoth’s core stage arrived at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center via barge last Tuesday evening (April 27).

After a decade in the making, the agency celebrated as the core stage rolled into the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) two days later (April 29), marking the first time that all of the rocket’s components were in the same place.’

Decked out in orange foam insulation, the megarocket will spend the next few weeks in the transfer aisle of the VAB before it joins the two solid rocket boosters that are already stacked in High Bay 3.’

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First Core Stage for Space Launch System for NASA Artemis Missions Arrives in Florida

Boeing’s [BA] first core stage for the NASA Space Launch System (SLS) arrived at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Apr. 29, the company said.

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NASA fires up its 1st SLS megarocket for moon flights in a critical engine test

The core stage of the Space Launch System (SLS), the rocket that NASA is developing to take astronauts to the moon, Mars and other distant destinations, fired up for a critical preflight test on Thursday (March 18). ‘

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The briefness of the January burn was attributed to the hydraulic system associated with one of the engines; that system apparently exceeded conservatively preset limits in one parameter, triggering a shutdown, investigators determined. NASA evaluated data collected from the first test and decided to go ahead and redo the test to make sure the core stage was functioning as expected before being shipped to the launch site, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida.

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NASA’s $18.6bn Space Launch System ‘megarocket’ passes assembly milestone

The Space Launch System (SLS) ‘megarocket’ that will one day take astronauts to the moon and Mars has passed a major assembly milestone, according to NASA.’

The US space agency said the ten segments that make up the two booster rockets were vertically stacked over several weeks at the Kennedy Space Center.’

When launched, the $18.6 billion SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever made and capable of taking cargo and astronauts to the moon in a single trip.’

Passing this milestone brings NASA a step closer to the first uncrewed Artemis mission to the moon and back – due to launch on 312ft SLS by the end of this year.

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NASA rocket making slow sea voyage before launch later this year

The Space Launch System (SLS) rocket core stage is on its way to the Kennedy Space Center. Early last week, the 212-foot rocket was lifted out of the B-2 Test stand at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi and loaded aboard the barge Pegasus for the slow trip.

The barge has previously served NASA’s space shuttle program for 15 years transporting external tanks from the same Louisiana facility where the SLS core stage was also built to Kennedy Space Center. It was redesigned in 2014 by The Army Corps of Engineers Marine Design Center in Philadelphia.

A 115-foot section was removed and replaced with a 165-foot section enabling the barge to accommodate not only the additional length, but also the additional 600,000 pounds of ground support, transportation equipment and rocket.

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