If the Animals from ‘Game of Thrones’ Houses Battled, Which One Would Win?

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For nearly a decade, would-be kings and queens in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” have stabbed, slashed and poisoned their way toward a seat on the Iron Throne. And the fierceness of the human combatants mirrors the ferocity of the animals displayed on these leaders’ banners.

Let’s be real: Overcoming the dragon ‘ which far outclasses the field in size, strength, weapons and defense ‘ is the biggest obstacle for all of the other animals, said biologist Katie Hinde, an associate professor at Arizona State University. Hinde is the creator of March Mammal Madness (MMM), an annual event that pits brackets of mammals (mostly) in fictional battles to determine the ultimate champion.

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When you play the Game of Thrones you win or you die. There is no middle ground’ so Cersei Lannister coolly said to Ned Stark.

There are only a few major players left standing in this most brutal of games.’But, as season eight gets underway, there are bound to be plenty of developments in store ‘ and possibly some new claimants to the Iron Throne.

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How Medieval History Could Lead Sansa and Tyrion to the Iron Throne on Game of Thrones

The next Tudor ruler was Elizabeth I, and as Marie Claire points out, she was known to be “wise, fair, and just,” while Digital Spy mentions that “she vowed to rule via wise counsel.” Plus, she had red hair. This sounds a lot like Sansa Stark.

And though Elizabeth I famously refused to marry, Tyrion could come into play as he and Sansa are potentially still married (though, since she is now Ramsay Bolton’s widow, her first marriage might be considered completely illegitimate, especially since Tyrion is always quick to point out that their marriage was never consummated’and it’s unclear how Game of Thrones views this former union). Regardless, Tyrion certainly represents the idea of wise counsel, and if their bond is renewed, the warring houses of Stark and Lannister would be combined’the Thrones equivalent of when Henry VII of the House of Lancaster wed Elizabeth of York after a generation of war.

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Game of Game of Thrones: season 8, episode 1, Winterfell

Varys may not be pleased with Tyrion’s constant taunting, but at least he’s not the only one in Winterfell working overtime to suppress a grimace. Category:Animals | Game of Thrones Wiki | FANDOM powered ... legendary animals or creatures created by magic, see "Category: Legendary and Magical Creatures" (Dragons count as an animal, as they are not created by magical spells). A list of all known types of animal in Game of Thrones. Jon Snow returns home to hugs from his sisters and an emotionless acknowledgment from Bran (who truly has become a case example in the ongoing study of whether sociopaths are a byproduct of nature or nurture), but that’s all. Lyanna Mormont, my new personal hero, eviscerates Jon in the Great Hall for leaving Winterfell as King in the North and returning as Daenerys’ arm candy. If the Animals from 'Game of Thrones' ... - Live Science nearly a decade, would-be kings and queens in HBO's "Game of Thrones" have stabbed, slashed and poisoned their way toward a seat on the Iron Throne. Even when he tries to defend himself, it’s clear that riding into town beside Daenerys has lost him the respect of his black-clad countrymen and women. These 7 ‘Game of Thrones’ Stars Are Vegans and Animal ... www.livekindly.com/these-6-gamThe "Game of Thrones" cast is made up of vegans and animal advocates, such as award-winning actor Peter Dinklage, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Jerome Flynn. Share Facebook Poor Jon. He should adapt his best Tina Turner, and yell out to all those judging him, ‘What’s love got to do with it?’ (It, in this case, being the prevention of Winterfell falling.)

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