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Iceberg 4 Miles Wide Breaks Off From Greenland Glacier

Greetings Earthlings: All systems on halt. The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . Alert, alert. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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Iceberg 4 miles wide breaks off from Greenland glacier – The Spokesman
(since Jul, 2018) Iceberg 4 miles wide breaks off from Greenland glacier  The Spokesman-Review

An iceberg four mileswide has broken off from a glacier in eastern Greenland and scientists have captured the dramatic event on video.

What The Hell Is Up With This Freaky Looking Iceberg?
(many weeks now)   IFLScienceNasa discovers mile-wide, perfectly rectangular iceberg  The IndependentMystery of the massive mile wide ‘monolith’ iceberg:  Daily MailNASA scientists BAFFLED by perfectly rectangular MILE-WIDE iceberg  Express.co.ukMonolithic rectangular iceberg photographed by Nasa  The TelegraphView full coverage on Google News

Witness the birth of an iceberg – EarthSky
(since Jul, 2018) Witness the birth of an iceberg  EarthSky

This iceberg broke off Greenland’s Helheim Glacier on June 22. If laid atop New York City, it’d stretch from lower Manhattan to Midtown.

End of the journey for iceberg B-15?
(since Jun, 2018)   EarthSky

B15 was the largest iceberg ever recorded to break away from Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf. That was in the year 2000. Now the iceberg is nearly gone. See its .

Scientists Capture Breaking of Glacier in Greenland
(since Jul, 2018)   NYU News

A team of scientists has captured on video a four-mile iceberg breaking away from a glacier in eastern Greenland, an event that points to one of the forces .

An Iceberg the Size of Delaware Just Broke Away From Antarctica
(months ago)   New York Times

A chunk of floating ice that weighs more than a trillion metric tons broke away from the Antarctic Peninsula, producing one of the largest icebergs ever recorded .

Carson-Iceberg Wilderness | Land of high peaks & deep canyons
(many weeks now)   Tahoe Weekly

Carson-Iceberg Wilderness, which lies less than an hour south of Lake Tahoe, is a land of high peaks, deep canyons and sparkling mountain streams. But with .

Large iceberg breaks off glacier – Hudson Valley 360
(months ago) Large iceberg breaks off glacier  Hudson Valley 360

An enormous Antarctic glacier has given up an iceberg over 100 square miles in size, the second time in two years it has lost such a large piece in a process that .

NASA’s Operation IceBridge discovers Giant Iceberg at Antarctic
(since Nov, 2018)   Clarksville Online

Greenbelt, MD – NASA’s Operation IceBridge on Wednesday, November 7, flew over an iceberg that is three times the size of Manhattan – the first time anyone .

Timelapse Shows How This Trillion-Ton Iceberg Broke off Antarctica
(months ago)   Interesting Engineering

Researchers have a released a data-centric animation to showcase the dramatic changes to Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf and the massive iceberg that just .

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