Hurricane hunters fly into dangerous hurricanes in the name of science

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Like the storm chasers on land, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s hurricane hunters collect data that meteorologists otherwise wouldn’t be able to assess.

“Hurricane hunters are critical in determining the intensity of a tropical system by directly sampling the storm,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Randy Adkins said. “The data that they collect, including radar information, wind speed, temperature, pressure, etc. are instrumental in the forecasting process.”

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This may worth something:

Take a ride with the NOAA Hurricane Hunters: A research lab in the middle of a monster

LAKELAND, Fla. ‘ Hurricanes are ferocious, terrifying and destructive: Flying inside them is all in a day’s work for the NOAA Hurricane Hunters.

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“It is simultaneously the most exciting flight you can have and sort of the most terrifying flight you can have almost at the same time,” Lt. Cmdr. Adama Abitbol said.

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He’s a pilot who undertakes a 9-to-11-hour mission of gathering the essential information that will play a pivotal role in making a making as accurate of a forecast as possible. Data collected by Hurricane Hunters feed into weather computer models, fine-tuning them so meteorologists can better protect the public.

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