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‘I had to leave Hollywood to save myself’: Kim Novak on art, bipolar, Hitchcock and happiness
(Feb 2021) Kim Novak starred in Vertigo – voted the best film ever made – but knew she was too fragile for fame. She talks about her tough childhood, the sensitive side of Sinatra and starting again in her forti

Sasse marches to own tune as GOP implodes around him
Feb 27th, 2021 04:15 UTC If there’s a model for how to successfully build a conservative GOP out of Trump’s shadow, it might as well be the Nebraska Republican.

Dionne Warwick’s greatest tracks – ranked!
(Feb 2021) The live album A Man and A Woman is both delightful and slightly odd: Warwick dueting with Isaac Hayes, who had just had a hit with a paen to troilism called Moonlight Lovin’ (Ménage à Trois). Its

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