After a month of frantic tinkering, NASA said Friday that its aging Hubble Space Telescope was on

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[ Hubble Space Telescope Is Back in Action After NASA Fixes Odd Glitch ]

After a month of frantic tinkering, NASA said Friday that its aging Hubble Space Telescope was on the mend, recovering from a computer problem that crippled what many astronomers call the most productive scientific instrument ever built.

As the bus-size observatory circled Earth, space agency engineers worked by remote control to switch Hubble from its vintage electronics to backup hardware. In the final step, they powered up a payload computer that restored control of its six cameras and sensors, which peer through visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of light to the edge of space and the dawn of time.

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NASA says Hubble telescope is back after computer glitch fixed

July 17 (UPI) — Engineers at NASA say they have fixed a computer problem that had sidelined the Hubble Space Telescope for more than a month.

The space agency said in an update issued Friday it had repaired a payload computer problem by successfully switching to backup hardware on the aging telescope and have re-established communications with all of its instruments. Advertisement

“The switch was performed to compensate for a problem with the original payload computer that occurred on June 13 when the computer halted, suspending science data collection,” NASA said.

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NASA has finally fixed the Hubble Space Telescope after almost 5 weeks of troubleshooting a mysterious glitch

Even though NASA has probably fixed the issue, it’s a sign that Hubble’s age may be starting to interfere with its science. The telescope hasn’t been upgraded since 2009, and some of its hardware is more than 30 years old.

“This is an older machine, and it’s kind of telling us: Look, I’m getting a little bit old here, right? It’s talking to us,” Zurbuchen said. “Despite that, more science is ahead, and we’re excited about it.”

It’s still not totally clear which piece of hardware was the culprit. Engineers suspect that a failsafe on the telescope’s Power Control Unit (PCU) instructed the payload computer to shut down. The PCU could have been sending the wrong voltage of electricity to the computer, or the failsafe itself could have been malfunctioning.

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Did We Just Get Buzzed By Alien Space Junk?

Perhaps you heard about Oumuamua (don’t ask us how to pronounce that). The cigar-shaped object is the first item found by astronomers that is known to have come from outside the solar system and is continuing to pass through, not being captured by the sun’s gravitational field. A recent paper from [Shmuel Bialy] and [Abraham Loeb] from Harvard suggests that the thing could be a discarded light sail from an alien spacecraft.

Of course, it is fun to speculate that anything in space we don’t understand could be alien. However, the paper is doing more than just speculating. The rotation rate of the object suggests it is fairly flat (pancake-like, was the exact phrase used). In addition, it appears to experience ‘non-gravitational’ acceleration ‘ that is, it is accelerating due to some force other than gravity.

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