How to save space on your iPhone by getting rid of all the clutter

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Apple has been working to fix both with changes to its software. It’s easier than ever to see the clutter that’s taking up all of the space on your phone, giving you more room for things you want to store, like music and new apps.

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Tip: If you’re removing a game that’s really big and don’t want to lose saves or other data associated with your account, you can choose “Offload app” instead of “Delete app” to save that data for later.

Your iPhone is smart enough to manage software for you, and can automatically remove apps you don’t use often to make room. I usually leave this option off because I want to know when an app is deleted first, but this is a smart way for your iPhone to manage its own storage. To turn it on:

While you’re here, how about this:

Doable Ways to Maximize Your Space

you’re living in a house, , or unit, space is definitely a precious thing. With all that we do and keep in our homes, it’s inevitable that you would want to maximize the space that you have, and even extend it. Thankfully, there are a few smart tricks to achieve a more spacious residence without having to renovate it, or even transfer to a new place. Understanding your space, from layout to fixtures, is key. * * * The goal is to make your place neat and organized. This means, firstly, to get rid of any and all clutter. Remember that small spaces for small things do add up’the more things you hoard, no matter how inconsequential they may seem, the more space will be eaten up. Decluttering is truly the first step’you’d be surprised how much space you save once you’ve decided to just stick with the essentials. Author: INQUIRER net BrandRoom Citation: Web link (Read More)

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