How do young people feel about a future working in science?

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Science diversified: Starting young

Many young children have little or no exposure to working scientists and the types of jobs that they do. So the idea of pursuing a career in science is not on their radar.

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But that can change when you invite scientists to spend time with a class of lively pupils from a socially and ethnically diverse community. They plant a seed, in which the idea of pursuing a career in science can take root.

This is what the education outreach programme team of London’s Francis Crick Institute aims to do. The team hopes that building ‘science capital’ in those crucial early years will lead to a more diverse scientific workforce.

Date: 2021-02-10
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How 12 Emerging Leaders are embarking on sustainability career journeys

In early February, more than 1,200 sustainability professionals gathered online for GreenBiz 21. And each day after the mainstage talks and panels, a few of my GreenBiz Group colleagues and I hopped onto Zoom to convene with 12 students and young professionals poised to become sustainability leaders of the future.

From marketing to engineering, the GreenBiz 21 Emerging Leaders represent a variety of professions in the sustainability field. The program aims to elevate, cultivate and support the next generation of Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) leaders in sustainable business. During the three-day event, they hopped into roundtable discussions, offered insights in the event chat and learned about the ever-changing sustainability field.

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International Women’s Day: scientists leading us through Covid

Just as Covid-19 redefined what we view as an ‘important’ job , it has revealed those who have spent their lives developing the expertise and conducting the research now leading us through the pandemic. People who remained largely unknown to the wider public ‘ until now.

It is these experts whose tireless work for the last year has helped guide the Government through the biggest peacetime crisis in living memory. Women have been at the forefront of the scientific endeavour to understand and tackle Covid-19, from vaccine development to tracking virus mutations. This International Women’s Day, i speaks to three female scientists who are leading efforts in sequencing, modelling and research ‘ all crucial in our efforts to control the pandemic.

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How the pandemic will affect business travel and Silicon Valley long

There are two or three things that will definitely shift, and there are some things that there are bigger questions about. For example, we’re definitely going to see more out-of-office work. By that I mean, there’s a number of companies that will probably say from now on people can work out of the office two days a week and everybody’s going to be in the office on these three same days, or things like that. We’re going to see a broader mix of models than what traditionally existed.’

To take a step back, we’re going to have all three extremes represented: We’re going to have companies that snap back, and largely everybody’s back in the office like they were before. There are going to be teams where it’s what I just mentioned, where it’s a little bit more of a mix. Then there’s teams where they really are going to go fully remote and distributed.’

Publisher: Business Insider
Date: 2021-03-08
Author: Elad Gil is an investor or advisor to companies like Airbnb Coinbase Instacart Square and Stripe and is the author of quot High Growth Handbook quot
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