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Kids who excel at science have a number of ways to flaunt their intellect. How do you Doogie? Science’s infatuation with young ... do you Doogie? Science’s infatuation with young prodigies. By Adam Ruben Aug. 21, 2019 , 1:15 PM. Kids who excel at science have a number of ways to flaunt their intellect. For me ... For me, activities like Math League, Science Olympiad, and Chess Club were useful’especially if, say, it had been a while since my peers had stuffed me in a dumpster. 11 Doctor-Recommended Facts About 'Doogie Howser, M.D ... Doogie premiered in the fall of 1989, it left audiences wondering if a 16-year-old could really operate as a surgical resident. To find out, TV Guide asked Harvard Medical School admissions ... But there was one show of academic heft, one feather in the old mortarboard, one way to impress the world with scholarly prowess that I could never achieve: I could never be unusually young.

Being young may not sound like much of an accomplishment. How Does Do Science? │ Figuring out what's true - YouTube how we can learn about the world, how to test hypothesis, and the basics of science. What is science? Patreon Sour... I mean, we’re all young at some point. Science Careers Careers. How I conquered my fear of public speaking and learned to give effective presentations ... How do you Doogie? Science’s infatuation with young prodigies. By Adam Ruben Aug. 21 ... But in the panoply of science accolades, youth seemed to hold extra cache. Making Smart Mice - Scientific American Smart Mice. In the first test, the researchers put the transgenic mice and normal mice in a space containing two different objects for five minutes. After several days, they replaced one of the objects and brought the mice back in. In this round, the Doogie mice ignored the older object and focused on exploring the new one,... Yeah, you could win that ribbon at the Computer Fair, or sure, you could get elected president of the Rocketry Society’yet you’d always take a back seat to Little Bobby Who’s Only 7 Years Old And What Is He Doing, Calculus?

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How to get kids’ heads in the stars

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Diet advice changes by the minute. How are we supposed to figure out what to eat?

Heading into this summer, everyone in my family was ready for a diet reset. The goal was to find something genuinely healthy but flexible enough that we could all stick with it. As we discussed options, I asked my daughter about the YouTubers she used to follow. A lot had changed in three years. While veganism has spread to the point where supermarkets have sections dedicated to meat substitutes, a number of vegan YouTube influencers now have confessional videos with titles like ‘Why I’m No Longer a Vegan.’

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Women in STEM you need to know about

Throughout the ages, women have been substantially underrepresented in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. The reasons are many but they all point towards significant societal issue and stereotypical ideology. Even if blatant gender bias is somehow overcome, another factor, implicit bias or an unconscious set of beliefs still prevail to influence choices and assumptions of people. Despite the odds, women exist and thrive in these careers. Below is a list of inspiration, a list of genius women making huge strides in science and innovation.

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Sara has got to find another earth, for real. In this process, she has discovered 715 exoplanets. An exoplanet is a planet orbiting a star other than the Sun or a planet outside of the Solar System. A new planet, earth’s counterpart could mean a lot of things given the global crisis of climate change and many other anthropogenic calamities. Back in 1994, when she started graduate school, exoplanets were not a thing yet and there was open skepticism regarding the idea. A whopping 4,000 exoplanets have been confirmed by NASA till date. And here is Sara contributing to about a fourth of the total. Amazing. In 2012, she has been listed under ’25 Most Influential in Space’ by Time Magazine. In the same year, she was a recipient of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in Physical Sciences followed by the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in 2013.

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