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How Charles Darwin Spawned So Much Pseudo Scientific Racism

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Charles Darwin University campus planning works begin despite dire finances
(Aug 2019) No financial security, no business case and a big boab tree standing in the way of proceedings — but work towards a new Darwin university campus has begun nonetheless. Charles Darwin University has

Update on Charles Darwin University’s planned cuts
(Aug 2019) CHARLES Darwin University has provided fresh figures about how many people are expected to lose their jobs in the College of Nursing and Midwifery. Speaking to ABC Darwin this morning, CDU acting Vice

The forgotten Scots scientist who inspired Charles Darwin – leader comment
(since Jul, 2019) Say the name “Charles Lyell” and most people will look at you blankly. Say “Charles Darwin” and the recognition is instant the world over. Fame can be a fickle thing. Even though Darwin said geology

Charles Darwin University props up loss-making private colleges interstate
(Aug 2019) Questions have been raised over a Northern Territory university’s continued ownership of loss-making private business colleges in Cairns, at a time when the university is being offered a multi-million

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