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How 18th Century Writers Created The Genre Of Popular Science

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The Hazards of Writing While Female
(Aug 2019) Even genre classifications are . literary form. In the 18th century, when cheaper printing first made novels widely available, the majority of novelists were women. Their success upset writers like

The end of the world: A history of how a silent cosmos led humans to fear the worst
(Aug 2019) Girdling the planet, it was made up of material thrown into the . first started worrying about human extinction in the 18th century, where was the notion beforehand? There is enough apocalypse

How the great truth dawned
(Aug 2019) Tolstoy’s War and Peace contradicted existing evidence, but for over a century now it is his version that has been taken as correct. The reason is that great writers . arises frequently in a

NBC News Opinion: Heterosexuality Is ‘Bedrock’ of Global Oppression Against Women
(Aug 2019)   MRCTV

It’s getting nuttier! The barrage of brickbats thrown towards folks who just want to be left alone seems to be increasing every day, and now, the brickbats are more .

16 Books You Need to Read to Call Yourself a Book Lover
(since Jul, 2019)   Reader’s Digest

Being a book lover requires embracing a variety of genres and authors, and devouring any great new stories that come your way—whether high-brow or low.

Origins of dragons, trolls and witches
(Aug 2019)   Stanford University News

Students examined the origins of dragons, witches and other fantastical creatures by reading a series of ancient works.

Satire lets us laugh at our politics
(Aug 2019)   Bangor Daily News

Satire. It is one of the most powerful tools in politics. After all, governing is serious business; laws are implicitly and explicitly backed by the threat of force.

Hannah Arendt: thinking pariah – MercatorNet
(Aug 2019) Hannah Arendt: thinking pariah  MercatorNet

Arendt has been unjustly transformed into a partisan for today’s liberal causes.

34 Festivals to Check Out in the Seattle Area This Weekend
(Aug 2019)   TheStranger.com

The summer is slowly (slowly!) winding down, and this weekend brings an abundance of festivals that only come around this time of year. This weekend, you can .

The growing ubiquity of the critical interview as an academic genre (opinion)
(since Jul, 2019)   Inside Higher Ed

Under the radar as a form of scholarly writing, it has become ubiquitous, explaining the gnarly terrain of theory and arcane realms of scholarship, writes Jeffrey J.

Greystones notes week August 26th – WicklowNews.Net
(Aug 2019) Greystones notes week August 26th  WicklowNews.Net

Please forward notices to Kathleen Kelleher, 2875327/087 2845465,. [email protected]. Please feel free to forward Calendar to family and friends or .

tl;dr: On “Reading and the Making of Time in the Eighteenth Century”
(since Feb, 2019)   lareviewofbooks

A WHILE AGO, I tried using one of those speed-reading apps for the first — and probably last — time. My chosen text was The Flame Alphabet, Ben Marcus’s .

Literature Versus Utopia: An Ancient Quarrel
(many weeks now)   lareviewofbooks

JUNE 30, 2019. IT WAS THE LAST DAY of fifth grade at St. Matthew’s School in Providence, Rhode Island, and my 11-year-old self was staring at the walls of the .

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