Writing on the social media platform today (January 16), Holly was quick to share her latest

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[ Holly Willoughby’s glaring wardrobe malfunction 24 hours after This Morning viewers slam ‘fashion fail’ ]

Writing on the social media platform today (January 16), Holly was quick to share her latest clothing with her fans

Holly Willoughby has made headlines once again with her This Morning outfit – with a glaring fashion fail.

Today, viewers hailed Holly for getting her style back on track today – but there was a slight issue.

* * *

It came just 24 hours removed from Holly being slammed over her outfit for This Morning – with viewers left underwhelmed by her choice.

This Morning viewers branded Holly’s outfit on Wednesday’s edition of the ITV1 daytime favourite akin to a school teacher.

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Many things are taking place:

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield arrive at This Morning on 11

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield honoured Armed Forces Day by arriving to the This Morning studio in military style on Thursday.’

Informing viewers of the special day, Phillip said, ‘It’s Armed Forces Day this weekend, so we are arriving at work in a 11.3 tonne British Army armoured saladin vehicle’ and there is no better way to arrive at work.’

* * *

That’s one way to avoid traffic: Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield arrived at the This Morning on an 11-tonne tank to honour Armed Forces Day ahead of this weekend’

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This Morning’s new puppy risks Holly Willoughby wardrobe malfunction as she nibbles at her top

The golden retriever, who is being trained as a guide dog, made her first appearance on the new-look show today

Holly Willoughby very nearly had a wardrobe malfunction on her This Morning return today when the show’s puppy nibbled away at her top.

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Cersei’s need for elephants in the Game Of Thrones premiere comes directly from the books

Last night’s Game Of Thrones premiere offered us something we rarely get to see ‘ a shaken Cersei Lannister. What was she upset about? Elephants. Yes, apparently there are elephants in the world of GOT, but not in Westeros.

In a bid to boost her army Cersei had ordered The Golden Company to ship over mercenary reinforcements so she could protect her reign of the Iron Throne from the incoming flood of White Walkers.

Euron Greyjoy managed to bring over 20,000 men and 2,000 horses, but absolutely zero elephants ‘ much to Cersei’s disgust. ‘That’s disappointing,’ she said when she heard the bad news.

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