She reflects on what makes a research culture a welcoming environment.

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Kathy Halvorsen is the associate vice president for research development at Michigan Tech. She reflects on what makes a research culture a welcoming environment.

As a research team leader and a leader in our Vice President for Research Office, I’m passionate about pursuing and facilitating excellent research. Excellent scientific teams are built with people with the best social and scientific skills.

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There are many barriers on the pathway toward becoming a scientist. Putting together the time and financial resources to complete the two to three degrees most science requires is challenging. Science is hard intellectual and emotional work. Feeling the confidence to believe in ourselves and our ability to succeed on this pathway is difficult. In some ways, these difficulties increase as individuals move from undergraduate to graduate student, from graduate student to postdoc, and from postdoc to researcher and/or faculty member.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

University of Bremen: University successful in the MINTchallenge

University of Exeter: Centre-right MEPs less cohesive on votes about EU fundamental values during Fidesz era, study shows

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7 DJs and collectives on the women and non

As part of the and Pioneer DJ hook-up, we spoke to some of foundation’s DJs and collectives to find out the women in music who inspire them, what they’ve learnt from them, the importance of women role models and more.

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To pick one is too hard! I am inspired by all the women I have met on my journey so far. Just being surrounded by so many outstanding women is something that I feel very blessed to have. Someone who I have been watching and learning from has been Ash Lauryn.

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Today’s Premium Stories

Bow ties are whimsical. They’re colorful. They’re unusual. Put on a bow tie, and you’re saying, in essence, ‘Look at me!’

Maybe that’s why lots of celebrities have worn them. Charlie Chaplin, for instance. Winston Churchill. Donald Duck.

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Enter Sir Darius Brown, a teenager who lives in Newark, New Jersey. When he was 8, his big sister taught him to sew bow ties, in part to help him learn to surmount some physical challenges. A few years later he heard that hundreds of pets had been left homeless in Florida and Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Irma. He realized that bow ties could help these animals stand out in shelters, give them a bit of personality, and help them get adopted.

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100 BEST PLACES TO WORK IN Chicago 2020

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The Buzzy, Chatty, Out-of-Control Rise of Clubhouse

Minutes after the story appeared, someone on Clubhouse had started a ‘room’ to discuss it. Clubhouse, as you have no doubt heard, is an invitation-only audio social network that has drawn millions of people eager to socialize and listen in on an endless stream of conversations, as if all the text on Twitter, Facebook, and Interview magazine had acquired vocal cords. I joined the room titled ‘That Martin Shkreli Article’ via the app on my iPhone, and my thumbnail profile photo was soon elevated from the ‘audience,’ where people follow along as if listening to a podcast, to the ‘stage,’ where you can unmute and contribute to the gabfest. I found myself among about a dozen people speculating about Smythe and the Pharma Bro. Maybe the whole thing was to solicit a movie deal? A scheme to help spring that nasty guy? We were talking out our asses.

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