Good News: Sea Camp

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Good News: Sea Camp‘WBRC FOX6 News –

The Tybee Marine Science Center’s Sea Camp turns the coastline into a classroom every summer, bringing long-term benefits to a day on the beach. 

The dolphin stranded on Tybee Tuesday morning, thankfully, was not real, but the information is for children learning how to save a distressed animal and so much more this summer. 

"Every day,’’ says Marine Science educator, Allison Williford, “no matter what the animal is that we’re learning about, we’re also teaching them about stewardship and conservation of the ocean.’’

Sea Camp runs through the end of July, with a different conservation-friendly curriculum and featured animal every day. Tybee offers the perfect learning template for the 6-11-year-olds who go away with a greater appreciation of the beach and its creatures.

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