Glasgow’s space industry lobbies on Brexit frontier | Scotland

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The rapidly expanding industry employs about 7,200 people in Scotland in skilled hi-tech manufacturing jobs, about 20% of the UK space industry’s workforce.

Glasgow is now a global centre for small satellite construction, an industry worth ‘2.5bn annually and forecast to increase to ‘4bn within the next decade.

However, ADS Scotland, the trade group for the aerospace, defence, and space industries, said Westminster’s decision not to continue participation in defence and security aspects of the Galileo programme meant Scottish companies were already losing access to bid for European contracts.

Many things are taking place:

Brexit Britain will be ‘lost in space’

He warns EU withdrawal will do immense harm to Britain’s space industry. The UK will be “lost in space”, he says.

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The most recent survey of confidence across the sector found that three-quarters of organisations expected growth over the next three years, it added.

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“Why put your European base outside the single market of the largest trading block in the world?! Or likely without access to the main government programmes? Company after company will avoid it,” he adds.

Dr Marshall holds particular scorn for the UK government’s actions on Galileo, the EU version of the Global Positioning System (GPS).

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