Gerard Butler hilariously recounts disastrous wardrobe malfunction in kilt

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Gerard Butler is the prime suspect after an assassination attempt on the president in “Angel Has Fallen.” Lionsgate

Scottish actor Gerard Butler is no stranger to wearing a kilt’ but sporting the traditional pleated skirt hasn’t always gone well for the star.

During an appearance on “Conan,” Butler recounted the time his kilt-wearing turned into a “disaster” during his sister’s wedding.

“I had to do the first reading, so I was on the alter ‘ it was a Catholic wedding, it was like 400 people in the congregation’ and I’m sitting looking, and my mom’s in the front row and she’s looking up at me and I’m looking down on her,” he explains, saying his mom then signaled him,’bringing’her hands together as if in prayer.

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‘Den of Thieves’ Is an Underappreciated Heist Movie Masterpiece

The 2018 Gerard Butler thriller might be a derivative of other robbery films, but that makes it no less effective at nailing all of your favorite notes

2,400 times a year. 44 times a week. 9 times a day. Every 48 minutes. Videos for Gerard Butler Hilariously Recounts 1:10Gerard Butler is on the run in 'Angel Has Fallen'USATODAY I watch Den of Thieves. And so this article is that: a thing about Den of Thieves. Some preliminary information:

Den of Thieves came out last year. It’s a heist movie. 1:23Angel Has Fallen's Gerard Butler Had an Instant Connection with On-Screen Father Nick NolteDailymotion It stars Gerard Butler as Big Nick O’Brien, a (probably) crooked law enforcement officer who runs a major crimes unit. And it stars Pablo Schreiber as Ray Merrimen, a former Marine turned bank robber mastermind. 1:23Angel Has Fallen's Gerard Butler Had an Instant Connection with On-Screen Father Nick NolteMSN And it stars 50 Cent as Levi Enson Levoux, also a former Marine and second-in-command to Merrimen in the heist crew. And it stars O’Shea Jackson Jr. as Donnie Wilson, a jelly-bellied getaway driver who gets pulled into a job bigger than he can handle (we find out later that actually he’s the most devious of the bunch). Merrimen and his team angle to steal $30 million from the Los Angeles Federal Reserve (to be specific, they hope to steal $30 million that the Federal Reserve is planning to shred, because if they steal that money then they’ll be able to spend it freely since nobody will look for it because it’s supposed to be shredded anyway). Big Nick and his team angle to stop them.

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1-percenter slasher flick ‘Ready or Not’ too sardonic to be taken seriously as satire

‘Ready or Not’ is ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ with notes of ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ and the sassy, snarky ‘tude of ‘Heathers.’ Grace is Veronica in a wedding dress: a street-smart and sarcastic smoker who has to outwit, outplay and outlast a bunch of privileged buffoons obsessed with status. Gerard Butler hilariously recounts ... - Butler hilariously recounts disastrous wardrobe malfunction in kilt Scottish actor Gerard Butler is no stranger to wearing a kilt, recounting a flashing "disaster" at his sister's wedding ... They’re not croquet mallet-wielding mean girls, but rather her in-laws wielding antique pistols and crossbows, and the same whiff of class warfare is undeniable.

But the script, by Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy, errs a bit too far on the side of sardonic to be taken seriously as true social satire. Gerard Butler recounts how he almost died from bee venom ... Gerard Butler apparently got more than he bargained for when he recently received an accidental overdose of bee venom to treat some soreness incurred during the filming of his latest movie ... Horror requires a certain amount of sincerity for the audience to fully buy in, and there’s hardly a trace in this incredibly ironic screenplay, which invites the audience to laugh rather than scream. Although it gestures at female empowerment with Grace as a thoroughly modern Final Girl and offers a unique spin on ‘off with their heads’ for whiny 1-percenters, the heavy layers of irony both in script and performance never allow the subversive ideas to emerge fully formed. Chuckling at female servants accidentally shot in the face just doesn’t jibe with either of those implicated themes.

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