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Congress Is Trying To Force The Military To Release More Ufo Info

Greetings Earthlings: There is no spoon or killer robots. The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . Hey, buddy, why are all the planets not aligning?

Some hidden links were discovered.

‘A total lack of focus’: Lawmaker on a mission to compel Pentagon to take UFOs seriously
on 25th of Sep 2021 There has been a growing number of reports in recent years from Navy pilots and other military personnel of highly advanced craft of unknown origin violating protected airspace, some of them

Barbara Lee cast the only vote against forever war, days after 9/11. She’s still fighting to convince Congress to finally do its job.
(Sep 2021) Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee spoke with Insider about her brave vote against the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force.

‘Out of time’: Air Force confronts rising China, battles Congress over outdated aircraft
(Sep 2021) Top Air Force officials sounded the alarm Monday that the U.S. is rapidly falling behind China in the race to dominate the 21st century — and they suggested that Congress’s refusal to let go of aging

Congress returns to work facing major decisions on Biden’s agenda and infrastructure
(Sep 2021) Congress returns Monday facing decisions on voting rights, infrastructure and social programs while needing to raise how much the country can borrow.

Milley: US should explore more military talks with Russia
(Sep 2021) The U.S. should explore ways to expand

Blinken to defend Afghan policy before skeptical Congress
(Sep 2021) Secretary of State Antony Blinken is set to defend the Biden administration’s much-criticized handling of the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan before Congress in what are expected to be

System Unknown
I hear drums and engines

Gee whiz, I did not know we were going to study this phenomenon today.

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