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Future Moon Missions Will Include Diverse Astronauts And More Partners

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If NASA Wants to Land the 1st Woman on the Moon, Her Spacesuit Better Fit
(Aug 2019) As NASA aims to land the first woman on the moon, the agency will have to consider how prepared . the panel addressed how NASA might handle the increasing inclusion of women and overall diversity in

Suzuki becomes corporate partner of ispace’s moon mission
(Aug 2019) These will include the lunar lander’s landing . Suzuki’s expertise and know-how will be vital for our mission as well as the future lunar economy.” Previously, Suzuki was also a corporate

NASA Chief Affirms That New Moon Landing Will Lead To Mars Mission
(Aug 2019) In discussing the benefits of agency’s forthcoming Space Launch System (SLS), NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine affirmed that the same technology being developed to return humanity to the moon . a

CanMoon mission trains Canada’s future leaders in lunar exploration
(Aug 2019) In the next decade, a new wave of lunar exploration is set to take off, and if you wanted to meet some of the future leaders and . Lunar Sample Return Analogue Mission, or CanMoon for short.

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