Former Senator Bill Nelson, Sworn-in as the 14th NASA Administrator

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Date: 2021-05-03T13:51-04:00
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Many things are taking place:

Nelson sworn in as NASA administrator

Vice President Kamala Harris’ first act as Chair of the National Space Council was’ swearing in Bill Nelson as the NASA Administrator Monday morning.’

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Nelson was surrounded by his wife and children’and used’a family bible for the swearing in ceremony.

Also in attendance was former NASA Administrator under Barack Obama, Charlie Bolden and Pam Melroy, the current nominee for Deputy NASA Administrator. Former administrator’under Donald Trump, Jim Bridenstine attended virtually.

Nelson said he wanted both’previous administrators there “to show the continuity and bipartisanship with which you run the nation’s space program, particularly NASA.’

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Senate confirms former astronaut, senator Bill Nelson as NASA chief

The New Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, former Florida Senator Bill Nelson, says “it’s a new day in space” moments after being sworn in. (May 3)

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Senate confirms Bill Nelson as NASA administrator

April 29 (UPI) — The Senate on Thursday unanimously voted to confirm former Sen. Bill Nelson, who once spent several days in space, to lead NASA.

Nelson, who represented Florida in the Senate for 18 years as a Democrat, will replace acting Administrator Steve Jurczyk to become the 14th head of the space agency. Advertisement

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Nelson was the second sitting member of Congress to go into space, traveling on the space shuttle Columbia to orbit the earth for six days in 1986. The then-representative served as a payload specialist on the flight.

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