First US COVID. The new White House science adviser wants to have a vaccine ready to fight the next pandemic in

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[ First science adviser in US president’s cabinet talks COVID, spying and more ]

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New White House advisor wants next pandemic vaccine ready in 100 days after recognizing a potential viral outbreak

The’new White House science adviser’wants to have a vaccine ready to fight the next pandemic in just about 100 days after recognizing a potential viral outbreak.

In his first interview after being sworn in Wednesday,’Eric Lander’painted a rosy near future where a renewed American emphasis on science not only better prepares the world for the next pandemic with plug-and-play vaccines, but also changes how medicine fights disease and treats patients, curbs climate change and further explores space. He even threw in a Star Trek reference.

‘This is a moment in so many ways, not just health, that we can rethink fundamental assumptions about what’s possible and that’s true of climate and energy and many areas,’ Lander told The Associated Press.

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In next pandemic, a vaccine within 100 days? Biden’s science adviser says ‘it’s totally feasible’

Lander is a mathematician and geneticist by training who was part of the’human genome mapping project’and directed the Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard. He said he is particularly focused not so much on this pandemic, but the lessons learned from this one to prepare for the next one.

‘It was amazing at one level that we were able to produce highly effective vaccines in less than a year, but from another point of view you’d say, ‘Boy, a year’s a long time,’ even though in the past it would take three years or four years, Lander said. ‘To really make a difference we want to get this done in 100 days. And so a lot of us have been talking about a 100-day target from the recognition from a virus with pandemic potential.’

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White House science chief wants next pandemic vaccine ready within 100 days of outbreak

‘It would mean that we would have had a vaccine in early April if that had happened this time, early April of 2020,’ Lander said. ‘It makes you gulp for a second, but it’s totally feasible to do that.’

For that matter, the pandemic and telehealth brought the doctor to patients in some ways. Lander said he is reimagining ‘a world where we rearrange a lot of things’ to get more patient-centered health care, including community health workers checking up every few weeks on people about their blood pressure, blood sugar and other chronic problems.

Two of Lander’s predecessor praised him. Neal Lane, President Bill Clinton’s science adviser, said Lander is ‘perfect’ for the pandemic because of the need for a strategy and international agreements. Obama’s science chief, John Holden, called him ‘a Renaissance man.’

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The Latest: Biden: US intel officials probe COVID

People who arrived early in the morning to get inoculated against the coronavirus wait their turn at a vaccination camp for those above age 45 being held in the premises of a school in Bengaluru, India, Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

Nurse Meltem Gulcan, left, talks to local residents about the importance of anti COVID-19 vaccination, in the village of Gokce, in the district of Mardin, a culturally and historically diverse region in Turkey’s south, overlooking Mesopotamia and bordering Syria, Friday, May 21, 2021. The health worker is part of Turkey’s ‘vaccination persuasion’ teams, a recent initiative that aims to promote inoculation against the coronavirus among the country’s most vulnerable population.

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Twitter REFUSES to say if it will censor Coronavirus lab leak theory or considers it ‘misleading’ – as Facebook and left-leaning media U

Twitter today refused to say if it would censor the Covid lab leak theory or considers it ‘misleading’ – after fellow social media giant Facebook U-turned on its ban after a wave of political pressure.

MailOnline contacted Twitter last night to ask if it would permit debate about the hypothesis, which had been dismissed as a conspiracy theory by Facebook and left-leaning media prior to the announcement of the US probe.’

Twitter also states in its official guidelines that it would take action against accounts that aired suggestions that the pandemic was being influenced by ‘malicious or powerful forces’. It did not clarify if it believed the theory of Covid being man made fell into this category.’

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