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Feds Blocks Government Archaeologists From Speaking At A Major Science Conference

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Federal Lawsuit Alleges Trump’s Threats Against The Press Are Unconstitutional
Oct 20th, 2018 02:26 UTC Through his actions, Trump has intentionally conveyed to all writers and journalists that . they may be subject to retaliation by the federal government . the Justice Department sued to block the mer

Mexican government shields officials from corruption probe
(Oct 2018) “Corruption was not encapsulated in the states,” he said, but rather “rose to the federal level, touched officials from the government of Pena Nieto and . authorities of Chihuahua seeking to block a

The Justice Department is trying to block young people from suing over climate change
on 19th of Oct 2018 But even as the dangers of climate change grow, the government continues to do little to solve the problem. In fact, the Justice Department is attempting to block a climate change lawsuit filed by

Fed Funds Rate: Why We May Never Be Able To Normalize
(Oct 2018) We have a massive road block in this magic . rates being kept at 0% by the Fed and why inflation as a whole has been low: Lack of new debt. The Federal Government has been running large deficits

Drones routinely fly too close to Lambeau Field on game day, federal government can now take them down
on 19th of Oct 2018 Federal regulations already prohibit people from flying drones over large crowds, but people do it anyway. Since the September hearing, the federal government has granted . He worries the law could

Judge to determine if subtitle sites deserve piracy block
(Oct 2018) Roadshow has continued its legal battle against piracy sites, telling the Australian Federal Court that . $50 fee per domain they want to block, with the websites to be blocked within 15 business da

Federal judge decision to block Trump on end of TPS welcomed
(Oct 2018) Advocates for hundreds of thousands of Haitian and Central American immigrants facing deportation from the United States said a California federal judge’s decision to temporarily block Trump administr

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