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Federal Agencies Now Required To Report What They Know About Ufos

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Why Government Suppliers Will Struggle to Meet CMMC Requirements
on 03rd of Dec 2021 Since 2017, the government has sought to limit damage from cyberattacks by requiring federal contractors who handle sensitive government data to comply with the National Institute of Standards and

TSA Issues New Cybersecurity Requirements for Rail Sector
on 03rd of Dec 2021 The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has issued new security directives for higher-risk freight railroads, passenger rail, and rail transit that it says

Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today
(Dec 2021) This is the Coronavirus Briefing, an informed guide to the pandemic. Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox. More Omicron cases were detected in the U.S., including a Minnesota resident who

ARPA Audits—What to Expect and What You Can Advise Your Clients to Do Now
(Dec 2021) This article will focus on Pennsylvania’s $13,450,275,500.40 portion of the $350 billion Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Program (CSLFRF), which is the specific program under ARPA

Rail and air have new cyber requirements –
on 03rd of Dec 2021 The Department of Homeland Security’s new rules require most freight and passenger rail operators and larger airports and airlines to designate a cyber point person, assess their cyber vulnerabilities

Special Report: U.S. rushed contracts to COVID
(Dec 2021) As the Trump administration debated whether to declare COVID-19 a national emergency early last year, a little-known U.S. health office issued a public plea to Big Pharma.

Top Federal Drug Official Personally Hesitates To Study Marijuana Because Of Schedule I Research Barriers
(Dec 2021) The top federal drug researcher says even she is reluctant to conduct studies on Schedule I drugs like marijuana because of the “cumbersome” rules that scientists face when investigating them. Nora

California Now Limits Medical Parole to Those on Ventilators
(since Nov, 2021) California corrections officials have begun limiting medical parole only to inmates so ill they are on ventilators.

Widespread Problems at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Imperils National Security, Report Finds
(Dec 2021) The Academy didn’t seem to “really be aware of the changes that were going on in the shipping industry,” one investigator said.

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