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Fan Bingbing Julianne Moore And Carey Mulligan Bring On The Bling At Cannes Film Festival

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Is Fan Bingbing still part of Hollywood spy flick, "355"?
(Jan 2019) 15 Jan – Rumours are rife that Fan Bingbing is still a part of the Hollywood movie “355”, which will soon begin production. As reported on Epoch Times, a well-known financial blogger recently claimed

Fan Bingbing, #MeToo, Sabrina Meng Wanzhou … the big stories that shook China in 2018
(Jan 2019) After disappearing for three months, actress Fan Bingbing – one of the country’s highest paid entertainers – surfaced in October with a grovelling statement on Weibo, China’s Twitter.

Is Fan Bingbing testing waters for a comeback in March?
(Jan 2019) HONG KONG – Is Fan Bingbing eyeing a bid to secure once again her previous lofty position in Chinese entertainment? On Chinese social media platform Weibo, photographs of the actress – whose star dimm

Chinese internet gives mixed reactions to disgraced actress Fan Bingbing’s potential comeback
(Jan 2019) A new advertisement campaign and a report in the fashion magazine Marie Claire seem to suggest Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is on the comeback road after being ordered to pay more than 800 million yua

China ‘disappeared’ several high-profile people in 2018 and some of them are still missing
(Jan 2019) These complex laws, as well as exceptions that can be used to strip detainees of their rights on the grounds of “national security”, have been adjusted and expanded in recent years, with movie star Fa

Top stories in China’s entertainment industry in 2018
(Jan 2019) Chinese A-list actress Fan Bingbing (Photo/ChinaDaily) 2. Actress Fan Bingbing fined for tax evasion Chinese A-list actress Fan Bingbing was fined 883 million yuan ($128 million) for tax evasion, high

Fan Bingbing rumoured to make a comeback in March
(Jan 2019) 15 Jan – Following reports that Fan Bingbing may still be a part of the upcoming Hollywood spy flick, “355”, it was also rumoured that the actress has been slowly getting back endorsements. As reporte

More talk of Fan returning to work
(Jan 2019) SHANGHAI • First, Fan Bingbing caught the attention of sharp-eyed netizens when photographs of the actress endorsing an eyewear brand popped up early this week. Now, talk that the 37-year-old – who fe

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