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Extinction Trailer Pulls From The Best Of Science Fiction

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Star Trek: Discovery taps classic fun, adventure to woo old
(Oct 2018) The new Star Trek: Discovery trailer, unveiled at New York Comic Con on Saturday, packed in plenty of spectacle, mystery and even a bearded Spock for good measure. But a handful of blink-and-you’ll-mi

A Journey to Siberia in Search of Woolly Mammoths
(Oct 2018) On the science side was the eminent geneticist George . hoped for their equipment to come in on the next flight — at best two days out. Some of the many planes that never left Cherskiy

KEN PERROTTE: ‘Duck factory’ produces nonstop hunting action
(Oct 2018) From daybreak until it was time to pull in the decoy spread . hunters and gear deep into the best spots using a wide-tracked vehicle they call the “buggy.” It doesn’t compact wet soils as much as tr

But Seriously
(Oct 2018) The best of all of these artifacts . the District of Columbia until they become trailer trash bars and beauty parlors. God help us if we do not pull ourselves together and focus on what

Report for America set out to give local news a boost. Here’s how it’s going
(Oct 2018) Wright writes primarily from the trailer where he lives, along a creek just outside . Stamper isn’t surprised at the stories Wright has come up with. “It’s not rocket science,” Stamper says. “There

The cat came back: First Look at the new movie version of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary
(Oct 2018) Directed by Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch, best known for the 2014 Hollywood horror-satire . It’s sort of like the science world meets the supernatural world.” Grief is the element that makes King

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