‘Extinction’ Trailer Pulls From the Best of Science Fiction

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‘Extinction’ Trailer Pulls From the Best of Science Fiction‘RealClearLifeNetflix’s Extinction Director on What Makes a Great Sci-Fi Movie‘IGNWatch the trailer for Netflix’s resurrected sci-fi thriller ‘Extinction’‘Engadget

Netflix released the first trailer for ‘Extinction’ and it’ll have you second-guessing the last nightmare you had.

Michael Pe’a portrays a father plagued by dreams of a catastrophic alien invasion, which he’s convinced is the blueprint for an actual war about to happen. (Spoiler alert: It is.) If you think you’ve seen this movie, though, you’re wrong ‘ Netflix’s take on this well-trodden trope looks unique in an Edge of Tomorrow or Take Shelter kind of way.

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Netflix’s Extinction Director on What Makes a Great Sci-Fi Movie

The story centers on Peter (Pena), who has a recurring dream about an otherworldly’force invading earth. Unfortunately for Peter, his dream comes true, “and he’s gotta find an inner strength within himself in order to find a way to try and save his family,” according to Young.
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In an interview with IGN, Young talked about what makes a good sci-fi movie and explained how Extinction stands out from similar films within the genre.
“It’s'(Extinction) got everything that you need from that big sci-fi blockbuster,” Young said, adding, “except it’s about so much more underneath. You know, the action and everything you come to expect from this kind of film

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s resurrected sci-fi thriller ‘Extinction’

Netflix has just dropped the trailer for its science-fiction thriller Extinction, in which a man’s nightmares of losing his family morph into a reality as alien invaders try to wipe out humanity. The movie has a strong cast, including Ant-Man and The Wasp’s Michael Peña, Lizzy Caplan and Luke Cage star Mike Colter. Netflix snapped up Extinction after Universal yanked it from its scheduled January release.
When Extinction hits Netflix July 27th, the streaming giant will be hoping the flick fares better than The Cloverfield Paradox, which the company bought from Paramount


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