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Scientists say sustainable forestry organizations should lift ban on biotech trees
(Aug 2019)   Science Magazine

Look at anything made from trees—a ream of paper, a cardboard box, lumber—and it’s probably stamped with the logo of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) .

Italian blindness researchers planning monkey studies threatened after health ministry releases names
(Aug 2019)   Science Magazine

Marco Tamietto was aware that animal rights activists might target him after his team won ethical approval for an experiment in monkeys on blindness. But he .

It’s Time to Get Serious about Tick-Borne Diseases
(Aug 2019)   Scientific American

In the 1980s, the fight against AIDS was tragically delayed, in part because the virus primarily affected the marginalized populations of drug addicts and gay men .

Monday’s Montanan: Trained zoologist Dorothy Patent helps kids understand science through children’s books
on 25th of Aug 2019   The Missoulian

Dorothy Patent never thought she’d use her Ph.D. in zoology to write children’s books.

World’s greatest scientists and Nobel minds to gather in Shanghai
on 25th of Aug 2019   Shine News

The 2019 World Laureates Forum in Pudong’s Lingang Special Area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free T.

Biotech leaders speak out against dismissals of Chinese scientists
(Aug 2019)   FierceBiotech

China’s theft of intellectual property from the U.S. and other countries isn’t new—remember the Genentech scientists and the GlaxoSmithKline researchers who .

Blue Sky Science: Can a person fully recover from brain injuries sustained while playing sports?
(Aug 2019)   Beaver Dam Daily Citizen

If an athlete allows sufficient recovery after suffering a concussion and before returning to play, the damage done to the brain is likely entirely reversible.

On Mental Health and Guns, Experts Ordered Not to Contradict President Trump’s Lies
(Aug 2019)   Union of Concerned Scientists

As people searched for answers around the shootings in El Paso and Dayton, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services prevented its scientists from .

New RSO offers support for student researchers
(Aug 2019)   Illinois State University News

A new organization at Illinois State University is helping student researchers prepare for their careers and promote their scholarship.

Soft phototactic swimmer based on self-sustained hydrogel oscillator
(Aug 2019)   Science

Oscillations are widely found in living organisms to generate propulsion-based locomotion often driven by constant ambient conditions, such as phototactic .

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