Olivia Culpo Goes Braless In A Low Cut Orange Dress

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Olivia Culpo shared a new Instagram photo that showed her lounging on a comfortable couch, as it looked like she was ready to enjoy some peace and quiet for the rest of the night. She went braless under a majorly low cut dress, which was bright orange. The plunge neckline fell inches below her chest, and she glanced at the camera with a slight smile on her face. There was also a high slit visible on the right side as she laid her legs on the seat. Her makeup looked great, as she wore dark mascara and deep-colored lipstick with heavy liner.

Earlier today, Culpo shared another post that was a video clip of her getting her makeup done. The model sat looking to her right, as she left her mouth open so the makeup artist could apply lipstick. The lipstick was a light pink shade, and Olivia was spotted smacking her lips and laughing. The rest of her makeup was on point, as her foundation left her skin looking flawless. She also wore dark mascara and a small cat eye. The clip was viewed over 224,000 times.

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