Exclusive Interview: Richard Horvitz On ‘Power Rangers’ and The Return To ‘Invader Zim’

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Exclusive Interview: Richard Horvitz On ‘Power Rangers’ and The Return To ‘Invader Zim’‘Science Fiction .

Science Fiction (SF): Okay so, you’re arguably one of the most prolific voice actors in the industry. How did you get your start?’

Richard Horvitz (RH): You know, it’s funny. I didn’t start out trying to be a voice actor. I was an on-camera actor since I was 10! In fact, this year will be my 42nd year as a professional actor. I had a commercial agent at the time who shared an office with a voice over agent by the name of Sandie Schnarr, and I walked over to her and said I wanted to do voice over. She said “well you have to make a demo reel”, so I did! Back then everything was reel to reel. But I made one, I gave it to her, and I started doing radio commercials first with a few TV spots here and there. About five years in I started doing animation!

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No Department for Education funding for a pay rise for college staff is a 'worry', says FE commissioner Richard Atkins

The Department for Education’s failure to fund a pay rise for college staff could put the financial stability of colleges at risk, FE commissioner Richard Atkins has warned.

It was announced in July that teachers in schools would be in line for a’pay rise from September,’part-funded by the government.’Those on the main pay scale would get 3.5 per cent, while those on the upper ranges would receive 2 per cent and leaders would get 1.5 per cent.

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© Provided by The Hill President Trump on Thursday night dismissed former President Obama’s reemergence on the campaign trail ahead of the November midterm elections, arguing it could fire up his own base.

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The former president also traveled to California to rally for several House candidates, including some running in Republican-held districts, and Ohio to campaign with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray.

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