Exact process by which chaotic systems synchronize

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Synchronization, in which two different systems oscillate in an identical way, underlies numerous collective phenomena observed in nature, providing an example for emergent behaviors ranging from the acoustic unison of cricket choruses to the behavior of the human brain.

Can chaotic systems also synchronize with each other? How do synchronization and self-organization emerge from systems that didn’t have these properties to begin with? Characterizing and understanding the transition from disorder to synchrony is of fundamental importance to understanding the emergence of synchronization and self-organization in nature.

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Scientists reveal for first time the exact process by which chaotic systems synchronize

In a new study published in Physical Review E, physicists from Bar-Ilan University in Israel, along with colleagues from Spain, India and Italy, analyzed the Rossler system, a well-known chaotic system which physicists have studied thoroughly for almost 40 years. Looking at this system from a fresh perspective, they discovered new phenomena that have been overlooked until now.

For the first time the researchers were able to measure the fine grain process that leads from disorder to synchrony, discovering a new kind of synchronization between chaotic systems. They call this new phenomenon Topological Synchronization. Traditionally, synchronization has been examined by comparing the time-course of activity of the two systems. Topological Synchronization instead examines synchronization by comparing the structures of the systems. The chaotic system is therefore examined at the level of its structure, taking a more global approach to determine the process of synchronization.

Galaxy Note 8 how to view contact details, how to import/export contacts, other issues

Hello and welcome to another #GalaxyNote8 troubleshooting post. We’ve received three issues that warrant brief discussion so hopefully’you’ll find our suggestions useful.

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I migrated from Galaxy Note 4 to a Galaxy Note 8 and still learning the subtle changes in the Contacts.

1) In my Note 4 contacts, I created groups. I know how to add and delete contacts from a group, but I am trying to figure out how to view all the members of a group in my Note 8.

2 &3) When creating contacts, what are the reasons to and not to add them to Phone, SIM, or Google. On my Note 4, i also had the option to them to Device and others i can no longer recall. Took me ages to figure out my contacts were not all in one place as i originally never noticed what the default was when creating new contacts. Still trying to clean up my contacts. Any suggestions on best way to do this? Have over 3000 contacts. 4) Looking for books/manuals about the Note 8. Haven’t seen any yet. Suggestions. Thanks for this site. Thank you. ‘ Parasmshah

Law Firms Are Reimagining Origination Credit

Mintz managing member Robert Bodian was out for a run several years ago when he decided to revamp the firm’s approach to origination credit.

‘That seemed ill-suited for benefiting the firm or the client, because you want more partners taking interest in the client, and you want younger lawyers growing into the client,’ he says.

Working on his own’no consultants needed’Bodian started sketching out a replacement plan. He identified goals’fostering teamwork, putting clients first and getting younger attorneys to take more ownership’and began working backward.

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11 quick tips to get you started with your new Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling video game console of this generation, having sold more than 8.7 million units since its launch in March 2017.

Plenty of people will be giving the console as a gift this season as well, and there are a few important things to keep in mind when first unboxing the new console. While the Switch does a good job of walking new players through the process of getting started, there are a couple of extra steps that could ultimately give you a better experience.

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If the console is being shared by family members or friend, though, its important to create a user for everyone who plans to play. Creating separate users will allow players to maintain separate save data for their games, making sure that no one accidentally erases anybody else’s game.

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