Evelyn Lozada Doing Butt and Thigh Presses In Skin Tight Leopard Suit

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In the beginning of Basketball Wives Season 8, it didn’t look like Evelyn Lozada would ever forgive Jennifer Williams for talking about her daughter Shaniece Hairston ‘ but she did. Not only are they on speaking terms now, they’re even working together to get Kristen Scott to reveal the receipt she has on her future mother-in-law Cece Guiterrez ‘ before she marries former NBA player and LA Lakers coach Byron Scott.

‘It’s going to be a journey. Evelyn Lozada Doing Butt and Thigh Presses In Skin Tight ... not filming Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada is doing butt and thigh presses in the gym while wearing a skin tight leopard jumpsuit with her gorgeous daughter Shaniece Hairston -- both are ... It’s not a sprint to get in shape.’ ‘ #BackAtIt Leopard jumpsuit: @goodamerican

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