Europe’s Space Agency Wants People to Live Inside Moon Caves

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The Moon’s surface is hosting an increasing number of experiments, robots, and most recently tardigrades. Including results for european space agency wants people toSearch only for Europe's Space Agency Wants People to The many underground tunnels that lie beneath the Moon’s surface, however, remain virtually unexplored.

On Wednesday, the European Space Agency (ESA) put out a call for ideas about how to navigate, map, and study these Moon caves in future robotic missions. Europe's Space Agency Wants People to Live Inside Moon ... Space Agency Wants People to Live Inside Moon Caves The agency wants input on how to send robots to the Moon to explore the virtually unseen caves, which could one day shelter humans. by ... The campaign is one of many recent projects focused on the exploration of so-called lunar lava tubes, especially their potential as sites for future Moon bases fit for long-term habitation by humans.

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The European Space Agency hopes to build underground bases on the moon

The European Space Agency has suggested that it’s possible to build bases in gigantic tunnels buried beneath the moon’s surface.

It’s issued an open call for ideas on how to ‘design a system to detect, map and explore caves on the Moon’.

The surface of the moon has been explored during manned missions and mapped by satelliles and robotic probes.

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It’s believed molten magma once coursed through these tunnels, leaving behind caves which would be ideal places to build lunar settlements.

‘Exploring and mapping these tubes could provide new information about the Moon’s geology, but they could also be an interesting option as long-term shelter for future human visitors to the Moon,’ said Franceso Sauro, Director of ESA’s PANGAEA planetary geology astronaut training scheme.

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