Europe’s space agency releases ‘best of Mars’ video, showcasing 15 years of stunning satellite imagery

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In a recap of its Mars Express imaging satellite’s fifteen years orbiting the red planet, the European Space Agency, NASA’s European equivalent, released a compilation video showcasing the most stunning photos captured by the craft. The animation added to the imagery gives viewers the impression of flying over the planet’s surface, taking in the depth of colors as though they were physically there themselves. With Mars in sight for near-future human exploration, ESA’s showcase gives Earth dwellers a taste of what’s to come.

Also included is a flyover of the Kasei Valles, an ‘outflow channel’ similar to the giant water-carved features of Earth, likely formed from a combination of tectonics, lava flow, and catastrophic flooding (potentially from the Echus Chasma, also included in the photos). Of course, ice-filled craters and the north and south polar ice caps are also included in the set, features of the planet that will be quite helpful to humans looking at long-term stays.

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