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The huge dent in the red planet is believed to be around 3.9 million years old and is the result of a massive asteroid collision.

The crater is named after US mathematician, astronomer and writer Percival Lowell, the founder of the Lowell Observatory in Arizona in 1894.

The high resolution images of the crater were captured by the ESA using seven different Mars Express satellite fly-pasts.

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The Lowell Crater is surrounded by mountains which were created when a large asteroid pummelled into the region of the red planet known as Aonia Terra.

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New images of Mars crater released by European Space Agency

The large crater, is thought to be almost four billion years old and stretches for more than 200 kilometres.

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The ESA said it got the images after seven flybys of the Mars Express satellite, which were then merged into one.

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New images from #Mars! This detailed mosaic of Lowell crater was generated from data collected by Mars Express during seven different orbits ‘

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