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European Space Agency Now Offers Satellite Driven Car Parking Services

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Radar vision in the mapping of forest biodiversity from space
(Oct 2019) Here we examine the potential of a newly launched satellite-borne radar system (Sentinel-1 . The launch of the Sentinel-1 mission, a constellation of two C-band SAR satellites, by the European Space

Airbus CyberSecurity and Thales support operators of vital importance against cyber attacks
(Oct 2019) Airbus CyberSecurity and Thales, two European leaders in cybersecurity, have signed a partnership agreement to offer a unique solution against cyber attacks . include Le Groupe La Poste and the

Luxembourg’s Mamer Offers Green Space, Short Commutes and a Very In
on 19th of Oct 2019 The municipality of Mamer, which lies six miles outside Luxembourg City and is surrounded by open fields, forest and woodland, offers working families and couples both green space and a short commute

Japanese satellite re-enters atmosphere after experiments in ultra
(Oct 2019) If you would like to see more articles like this please support our coverage of the space program by becoming a Spaceflight Now Member . An Earth-imaging satellite launched into a lower orbit might

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