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European Space Agency Now Offers Satellite Driven Car Parking Services

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European Space Agency now offers satellite
(Feb 2019) The European Space Agency is now offering satellite-driven car parking services as a result of a partnership with a startup company called Parkbob. Parkbob teamed up with ESA Business Applications to

The Gravity of Space Debris
(Feb 2019) The satellite is designed . we’re okay.’ Now we know better.” As a testament to the importance of keeping orbits as clutter-free as possible, multiple government agencies, including NASA, the Europe

Israeli-German space partnership a milestone for future moon colony
(Feb 2019) Professor Dr. Johann-Dietrich Wörner attended the signing of a teaming agreement between Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Germany’s OHB Systems AG, a leading German satellite . the companies wi

Space Biz: One Giant Leap
(months ago) The country helped form and became primary shareholder in a satellite company . these are directly related to space development efforts. The European Space Agency works diligently to help

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