European Space Agency Celebrates Women in Science with Astro Pi Challenge

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To celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (today, Feb. 11), Jennifer Sidey-Gibbons spoke to the European Space Agency about her female role models and the importance of women in coding history.’

ESA released the video to promote its Astro Pi Challenge, an ESA Education program done in collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The program offers students the chance to do space-based scientific investigations using Raspberry Pi computers on the International Space Station (ISS).

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Quite a lot has been going on:

New Mars Rover Named After Rosalind Franklin

Astronaut Tim Peake unveiling the new name of the ExoMars rover – Rosalind Franklin Mars Rover – at the Airbus factory in Stevenage in England.Max Alexander/AIRBUS

* * *

U.K. built Mars rover is named after Rosalind Franklin a pioneer scientist in the discovery of the structure of DNA.Getty Images/ESA

The Franklin rover is hoped to scout the Martian surface with next-generation technology and relay the data to our Home Planet via the Trace Gas Orbiter. It is hoped that engineers working on the Franklin rover will have their first robot by July. Watch this space.

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Mars rover to be named after DNA pioneer Rosalind Franklin, European Space Agency announces

The lander will arrive on the red planet in 2021, as part of a pioneering mission to explore the surface.

‘The prominent scientist behind the discovery of the structure of DNA will leave her symbolic footprint on Mars in 2021,’ the team behind the mission said in its announcement.

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The name was decided by a panel of experts from a list of possibilities suggested by the public. The naming competition opened in July and saw nearly 36,000 people respond.

‘Rosalind Franklin is one of science’s most influential women, and her part in the discovery of the structure of DNA was truly ground-breaking,’ said’Alice Bunn, international director at the UK Space Agency.

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ESA’s new Mars rover named after woman who unlocked DNA’s structure

After whittling down thousands of suggestions, ESA has decided to name its future Mars rover after the British chemist and x-ray crystallographer Rosalind Franklin.

In a few years’ time, a new rover will hopefully descend on the surface of Mars with a very human name. The European Space Agency (ESA) announced today (7 February) that its rover for the upcoming ExoMars mission will be named Rosalind, after Rosalind Elsie Franklin.

The name was chosen among 36,000 entries into a competition launched by the UK Space Agency last year, with a panel of experts eventually determining that Franklin’s legacy shall carry on outside of Earth.