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Falklands Testing Ground For Satellite System That Could Revolutionize Mobile Connectivity

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Royal Navy’s most powerful flotilla since Falklands hit by major Covid outbreak after sailors went partying in Cyprus
(Jul 2021) THE most powerful naval flotilla to sail from Britain since the Falklands War has been struck by a major Covid outbreak – after sailors went raving in Cyprus. Almost half the warships in the

Girl, 10, hopes to become the first person in Britain to receive a new ear grown in a lab using 3D printing technology
(Jul 2021) Radiyah Miah, from Pembrokeshire, was born without a properly formed left ear but she is set to take part in a research project which would see her receive a 3D bioprinted ear

Which countries are on the travel green list and when is the next update?
(Jul 2021) Going on holiday abroad now depends on which list your destination falls under – with categories forming a traffic light system of green, amber and red. For all British travellers, holidays are

Covid outbreak hits Royal Navy flotilla including ‘at least 100 HMS Queen Elizabeth vaccinated crew after sailors went partying in Cyprus’
(Jul 2021) The virus has affected nearly half of the vessels in the most powerful flotilla to sail from Britain since the Falklands War.

IATF updates ‘green’ state list for vaccinated traveler quarantine
(Jul 2021) The pandemic task force updated on Friday its list of “green” countries tagged as low risk for COVID-19. In a statement, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF)

Navy flotilla ‘decimated by Covid outbreak after sailors went raving in Cyprus’
(Jul 2021) It is believed the people who tested positive include at least 100 crew members aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth, who have already received two doses of a coronavirus jab

The TWO major lockdown rules that WON’T change after Freedom Day that you need to know
(Jul 2021) LOCKDOWN measures are expected to ease on July 19 in England. But when will self-isolation and NHS Test and Trace end?

Covid outbreak among 100 Royal Navy crew after night out in Cyprus
(Jul 2021) Royal Navy warships are battling a wave of Covid cases after 100 personnel became infected after a night out in Cyprus. Those who tested positive were among 3,700 double-jabbed crew members allowed

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